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GIA participate in Lviv Erotic Photo Exhibition

It's a common fact, that if some girl is sexy, then she will either be sexy in photos or in real life.  So we are sure that all our models are hotter than fire not only in your bed, but also in pictures. So when we were asked to participate in Lviv Erotic Photo Exhibition, we didn't hesitate and gladly accepted this invitation. We were going to show the pictures of our females - of course, secretly and anonymously. And some of ladies were coming with us to explore beauty of Lviv and join our agency's group on exhibition.

When we first entered the hall and saw numbers of pictures on the wall, we were speechless, just as each person would be. Ladies on photos were just perfect and irresistible, each of them with a great body and perfect face. Some of them didn't show face, and showed their body only. But every photo was erotic and hot, so men just didn't know what to do with themselves. Of course, photos of our escorts were popular too - this couldn't happen different way, because men love our girls. But we were sure, that exhibition won't be triumphal for us because of many reasons.

GIA Erotic Photos

Our courtesans were smashingly beautiful, but other photographers took pictures of famous top-models, and that was the main reason why we were sure to not take the first place in a sudden contest that took place on exhibition. The contest for three best photos of exhibition was held really suddenly and no one knew about it before exhibition. We were definitely sure about first place - it surely had to be that top-model we all looked at. But nothing's as good as an unpredictable outcome - and when the results were told to the public, we were surprised as well, because first and the most popular model of our agency won the first place, leaving that top-model behind! Who knew, that things will turn out this exact way?Third place was also won by one of our xxx-models. And that was a brilliant success! It proved us, that our girls are the most popular among men.

GIA.LA women 

Bet all the men that were on the exhibition that night wanted to take our winner home. But we declare ourselves as anonymous agency, so no names and contacts were given. Only those lucky men who found out about exhibition and knew about GIA.LA women before can invite them to celebrate total victory of beauty and erotica. 
It's not the last performance sponsored by GIA agency. We are going to contribute to idea of beauty and erotica in future. And don't forget to invite one of our courtesans to your hotel room - they are even better alive, then on photos! 

Girl from Erotic Photo Exhibition


P 26.02.2013

I have been a client of your agency a few years ago, and enjoyed your services a lot. I've seen that you now offer traveling with escorts. Would that include an escort visiting France? Since there is no visa for French people to visit Ukraine, I expect it is the same for Ukrainians. Let me know about this possibility. I would be particularly interested in meeting Dominika for 2 days, some time in early March. Note by the way that the youtube {em of a video of her that you sent yesterday is not accessible. Would you mind sending me another link to this video?

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