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I was afraid to work in escort agency, to be true. I always danced, I remember myself in childhood dancing, and I knew my work would be somehow connected to this, but after I first tried working in the club I realized that I became addicted to men who were after me. And I liked that feeling. I liked feeling beautiful and hot for them, so I knew that somehow my work has to be connected with men. When I suddenly found ad telling me that escort agency is searching for ladies that can provide special something for men from around the world. Well becoming escort lady from Kiev? Why not!

There was a special something in me that helped me becoming Kiev escort. And it was not even my looks, though I know that I look hot and it's something that no one can take from me. It was my attitude, and the way I communicate with men. I love to talk with them using my body language, that's something I learned from dancing in clubs. It's easy to communicate using body language even when you're from different corners of the world and you don't understand each other. Also I just love it when men spend time with me in the most different ways, one of them even surprised me with our “very special date” and I would like to tell you about it.

In our work most clients seek the girl for sex in Kiev, but this time it was very different. I was hired for escorting only and manager told me that my client just wants a beautiful lady by his side to make him feel a little more comfortable on the party he wanted to attend. Well, parties are well-known spot for me, I'm pro about that, so I could really make this thing happen and be a good escort in this situation. I looked for a dress and frankly saying I was looking absolutely perfect that evening. And my client appreciated that.

Suddenly both of us felt a strange spark between us, it was on the party and it was beautiful. My client danced with me, it was really erotic and it was me who proposed spending the whole night together. And my client agreed, but we didn't go to hotel room. No, it would be to plain for him. We went to casino, we rode the town and we made love in his car in the end. I was incredibly happy that I had that night free. I planned to use it for my own time and to relax, but the way we relaxed together was far much better.

To all the men - don't be shy! We don't bite, we only bite if you want it Spending time with us can be really interesting, just let yourself light a spark inside of you.

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Mark 05.02.2018

She is very sexy,,,,,

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