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Many of the girls on the site perceive this work as a hobby. Some of them are students, some combine escort with another permanent job. There are young married housewives who do not grab male attention and passionate sex. We ask you to take this into account when ordering and book a pre-liked girl. Please contact us 1.5-3 hours before the meeting.

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Is it possible to exchange phone numbers with a girl?
The exchange of any contacts is strictly prohibited! Do not ask models for these and do not leave your number. All the girls tell us if the client asks for a phone number or email. In this case, we are forced to hold a conversation with a client and put you in an awkward position. If, after a conversation, you repeatedly ask for the number of the next girl, you will be blacklisted. After that, it will be impossible to use the services of the agency. We guarantee you the security of communications, purity, photo compliance and quality service. Please do not interfere with our work clearly and do not violate the discipline in the team. Otherwise, the quality of service is lost for you and other customers.
Where are your apartments?
We do not offer meeting apartments. All escorting girls come to your location in Kiev.
Can you advise where to rent an apartment for a meeting?
Yes, we can give you the phone numbers of mini-hotels or apartment owners in the center. Through them you will remove the housing without any problems and without providing documents. But, pay attention, if there are many guests in the capital of the exhibition so the rent will be problematic. Therefore, we recommend looking for options on the Internet. Perhaps you will find a mini-hotel or sauna near your home or work and will use it constantly.
I want to order additional services; should I talk to the operator about this?
Yes, sure. You can ask the operator about all your wishes on the meeting and about other services. Otherwise, the model simply cannot provide you with these services. So that is why we think you should discuss all matter points with our managers. This is especially true for services requiring toys props and special clothing. It is also important when you order the service of anal sex.
Can I meet with a model abroad?
Yes, you can - we work not only in Kiev. Our beauties go abroad and can be your companions for the rest. Departure is possible in a state with a simplified visa regime. To discuss the rates and the tour program, write to the manager. Read more here.
Are all photos of girls ESCORT.VC real?
Each of the photos is one hundred percent real. You have a choice, and the woman who is shown in the photo will come to you. Before the photos are placed on the site, they are slightly edited. However, our desire - to do everything in the processing of photos to a minimum so that the appearance does not differ from the real one.
When is it better to call before the meeting?
If possible, it is better to make an order at least an hour and a half, two before such a meeting. You need to take into account traffic jams! In the evening after 9, the escort can come faster. But at times it is enough and the 1st hour.
I want to invite at 3 in the morning, and you work until 23:30 in the evening, what should I do?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept your order. Our latest time for ordering is 01:00. It is impossible later, even if you are a regular customer :(
I want to invite the girl in the early morning, is it possible?
Yes it is possible. To do this, contact our operator in the evening and place an order on the morning. As early as possible, the start time of the meeting is 08:00 am.
If a girl refuses to provide the services indicated on the site, what should I do?
Write to the manager during the meeting or after it. You can also leave a review on the page of the escorting models with the date of the meeting and your name. You can inform the manager by calling. In any case, we will take this into account and solve the problem.
When does the girls' working day end?
Our managers take all calls from 10:30 am to 23:30 pm. So you can call and book an order only in these hours. A girl can come at any time - the main thing is to negotiate everything with our manager in advance.
Can I talk on the phone with a girl I like?
No, it is forbidden. The manager answers all your calls, he takes orders. You will be able to talk with the call girl only during a personal meeting.
Is it possible to take an e-mail or phone from a girl while meeting her?
This is also prohibited. Clients and our call girls are not allowed to share any contact information. But in the event that a man shows perseverance and solicits the phone from an escort model, then we immediately add it to our black list. Those ladies who leave their coordinates are always penalized by us. So please understand us. You do not need to put yourself and them in an awkward position. And before you ask about the phone, you should think about how exactly you would react to your employee, who covertly works with your clients. Bear in mind that you need to show respect!
Are there any guarantees of my security if I invite a girl to my house? Do you check all your models?
All models that work with us are pre-tested. So do not worry about inviting them to your home, nothing will happen and will not disappear from your apartment. If you do not warn that the lady stays with you for a longer time, then we disclaim any obligations and guarantees. So you need to call and report that you are extending the meeting.
Is there a discount system?
Of course! We can always offer you discounts, which is how we differ from all other escort Kiew agencies.
When does the countdown begin?
It starts at the moment when you meet a girl.
Can I extend the time of meeting with the lady?
Naturally. However, in this case, you need to contact our managers and notify about it. If the model is not reserved, your meeting continues.
What can be done in the event that I did not like the girl?
In this case, just contact the manager and tell about it. We will notify the escort model and explain to her that she needs to leave. So you can avoid an uncomfortable situation. You only need to pay for the taxi in 2 ends.
Do I need to pay for a taxi?
This is up to you. If you want, you can pay for a taxi, however it's your decision.
Can I book a girl in a hotel room?
Yes, of course it is possible. We visit almost all hotels in the capital. However, it is worth noting that in some hotels, your guest will not be able to climb without you, because the entrance to the floor is carried out only by cards. In this case, you need to meet the lady at the entrance to the hotel or in his lobby, you can also arrange with the security guard to escort the model to your room. In addition, hotel security often requires customers and ten, twenty dollars for such a service.
If I'm out of town, can I place an order for a model to come to me?
Yes it is possible. By distance for regular customers we have no restrictions. But if you are applying for the first time, you can be refused or accept the order if it is very close to the city. Pay attention if the order is out of town - you always pay for a taxi.

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