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Price and FAQ

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Can I possibly get a girl's phone number?

We strictly forbid any types of contact exchange with our ladies. Please, don't ask models to give their contacts and don't leave yours. All the girls are telling us, if the client is asking for contacts. In that case, we need to contact you on that matter, which is unpleasant for you. If after that you're still trying to get another lady's phone number, you'll get to our Blacklist. You won't have an ability to use our Agency's services. We can guarantee you privacy, healthy ladies and great service. Please, do not ruin our working morale. This can ruin the quality of our services for you and other clients.

How can I make an order and should I prepay first?
Booking a ESCORT.VC lady is really easy. Just call us for 1.5-2 hours prior to the meeting; to convince us your order is still relevant. No prepayments are not required. The catalogue of girls is available on our internet site to admire and decide how many and which girls you would like to spend a fabulous and exciting time with.  Our Advisor will discuss with you your preferences and also make suggestions based on your taste, preference, available time and budget.  Also, if you want several girls, she can advice you on which girls like to 'play together' to insure that your wildest dreams come true.  Ask us for the password that enables you to see the photos without opaquing the faces. This will help you deciding  which is/are your favorite lady or ladies.  Each lady has her personal photos and also those that are made by professional photographers for their modeling work.  Some of our ladies have videos on their page at ESCORT.VC. Professional clips allow you to see our ladies moving and dancing, and view them in all dimensions, from every angle. This will show and prove to you that our beauties are not photoshopped, and you will know who exactly will you be spending this night with even, before they show up at your door for the time of your life, and experience so rich and sensual that you will never forget.

 Can I get a discount in your agency?
Of course you'll have a great discount! Prices for meeting our beautiful models and having sex  are not only modest, they're also flexible and our distinguished  clients can get the benefit of a discount (particularly if you're our regular client). We are loyal to our gentlemen and lady clients,  and try to providethem everything they need for a modest price. We want them and our models to get some satisfaction and not think about money.

If I'm not in Kiev, can I use your escort service abroad?
Yes, you can. Read more about this "Travel Package" here

How can I be sure you'll arrange for me the meeting with chosen escorts?
Please, to be sure you'll meet exactly lady you like chose several cute escorts. Sometimes chosen ladies could be unwell or just have menstruation. It's normal to specify in your letter several girls you like, but in this case indicate escorts you prefer mostly. So this way we can guaranty a meeting with one of them.

Can I ask the girl for her phone or something?
No, it's absolutely impossible. On the one hand, it can put her in a difficult situation. Our Kiev females value their privacy. On another hand ladies who leave their contact information to clients will have problems with Ukraine escort Service. So enjoy you private confidential meeting!

Is it possible to invite girls to the hotel?
Of course you can invite escort to your hotel room before 11.30 pm. Sometimes you need to meet your woman downstairs. It's also known that security in our hotels sometimes take money in such situations. You'll have to pay from $10 to $20 to let your girl in without problems.

How much time before the meeting I should call for escort?
In case you're in Kiev, call us 1,5-2 hours beforehand you're planning to meet a girl. It's important to be sure, the chosen escorts are free.

Can I call a girl without intermediaries?
We ask you to treat with understanding to the fact that our girls are very value their privacy. You absolutely can't call our escorts directly. But that's a big advantage not only to our ladies, but for you too. We respect your rights to privacy too. Any call to our ladies or asking for their contact information is forbidden. Simply follow the rules and your vacations with our pretty ladies will be easy and fun.

In what currency should I pay for your services?
Our payment system is rather flexible. You can pay in Euro, $USD or Gryvnas. All questions about cost in different currencies you can ask to manager by the phone.

How should I pay for the meeting?
The way to make a payment is rather easy. We accept only cash, we don't accept credit card. Give money to your escorts at the beginning of the meeting.

 Is it possible to ask a girl to go to a restaurant or somewhere else with me before sex?
Yes, of course you can spend time with our ladies out of doors. But remember, that you should pay for all time of meeting, even for restaurant or night club.

Is it permitted to stay with a girl a bit more time, if she is fantastic?
Yes, if you want to extend the time, spending with ESCORT.VC ladies, you can always call our manager and get this opportunity.

Have I an opportunity to use your service if I'm in Kiev only for several hours or I'm at the airport?
For such situations we have unique offers for you. You can take our tours. We not only organize a meeting with a girl for you, but also provide taxi-service and find a room for your staying. Under the proposed tour, the taxi can take you from the airport and drive to ready apartments. It's possible if you arrive from 8 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. Be sure, in your room cute escort will be waiting for you. The placement of the hotels is really convenient. You can stay at the city center. About prices: your room will cost from $30 to $100 per night. You don't need to prepay, but confirm order beforehand. To book a tour call us or write to our e-mail.

I want to meet your escorts in 'Borispol hotel' next to the Borispol Airport, is it possible?
We provide our services only within Kiev. But the case is, that in 'Borispol hotel' security do not let our ladies in. Sometimes it's possible only with paying extra money $15 or $20. But no one can be sure today's security will let our escorts in even with payments. Moreover it's also necessary to pay the lady for taxi in this case. So you see it's more comfortable for you and safely to come to our special apartments.

When I should book a girl before meeting?
Please, make an order from 1.5 to 2 hours beforehand. It's necessary for us to check the availability of a girl you like. If she is free, you'll definitely see her.

Should I pay extra money, if I spend with a girl a lot of time?
You need to provide a girl with food. Please, note that without food our girl will leave you, if she spends with you more then 6 hours.

What does 'incall' meeting mean?
We offer you incall meetings. It means to come to girl's special apartment, not our office.

By what way I should pay you?
We accept cash usually. Pay the money to our girl, when she arrives. But also you can pay beforehand by Western Union, Web Money. We also work with Money Gram or Paypal. 

Do I need to pay for a girl's taxi?
Yes, in case you order our lady only for one hour you should pay for one way trip by taxi.

Do you have age limit's for clients?
Yes, there are some limit's. We accept orders from men from 21 to 75 years old.

Can I take a girl to Odessa with me?
Of course you can invite your lady to Odessa. But you need to pay for her both way tickets.

Can I refuse to be with a girl, if I don't like her?
All of our girls are rather smart and beautiful. But if it happens, that you don't like a girl, call us at the beginning of the meeting. We'll try to correct the situation and send you another escort on your taste. But you'll have to pay for the taxi both ways.



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