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We offer tours to Lviv for our clients, so they won't feel lonely and have a chance to relax in company of GIA models

It doesn't matter if you're out in Lviv for business or you just thinking of visiting this city - our models will happily escort you and offer all kinds of entertainment in this perfect city. If you weren't thinking of going there at all - try considering making that happen. A trip to the most beautiful city of Ukraine in the company of beautiful escort Lviv will become an adventure and stay in your memory for long years, warming you with happy and hot memories of those days.

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What conditions do we have? Only the ones that are needed for sake of our clients and making their trip as comfortable as it possibly can be.

Following those rules you won't need to worry of something during the trip to Lviv:


•    E-mail our manager in two days (optimal) before your trip. This is optional for booking the girl you liked the most and discussing all the following details of your time-spending, such as her clothes, the toys she need to take, additional services you're planning to use. If needed the manager is able to help you choosing the lady, depending on the choices and needs you have;


•    Prepay your tour (depending on the total cost, duration and a lot of other details you need to prepay 20% to 40% of the total cost). We have different paying methods to make this step comfortable for our clients. You can pay us via Western Union);

•    Buy a ticket for the lady you chose (if needed we can do this for you, but you still have to pay for it). To make her trip extra comfortable and fast, we recommend you choosing Intercity trains. They are making their way to Lviv from Kiev in 5 hours.


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Minimal escorting time is one day (24 hours). By this time you can feel the beauty of your chosen lady and stay satisfied by her (or even by few ladies if you like). Client also pays for the time of travelling both ways, so it's useful for you to choose faster train. You can find out more about it by contacting our skillful and nice manager!

Best Ukrainian escort in Lviv can't be compared to girls from our agency, they're the best! And they are ready to make their trip from Kiev. Forget about girls from Lviv - our models will give you the best satisfaction, because they are skilled and horny. Give yourself a break from tiring work and celebrate life in company of goddesses of love in the most beautiful Ukrainian city!


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Citizens of Lviv are constantly telling that each season and each type of weather is extremely beautiful in this city. And tourists that have been there are confirming that! That's why Ukrainians, Russians and foreigners are gladly visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Of course, it looks the best in spring or in summer - when everything is blooming and beautiful nature helps you recreating, relaxing, and having fun. Can you do this while you're alone? Of course you can't! That's why, if you're looking for Lviv escort girls, you can meet our ladies in there. We are offering Lviv tours for our clients in order for them not to feel lonely and get down in company of the most beautiful girls Lviv from GIA!


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Faruk 13.07.2017

Good girl !


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Ответ: Курс гривны в стране изменился в 2015, цены при оплате в гривне мы подняли всего на 15% на длительные продолжительности. Ни одна девушка не согласилась бы сейчас тратить 12-20 часов часов на дорогу, которая не будет оплачиваться.   Поэтому было принято решение оплачивать и время в дороге девушкам, тем более доплата за каждые последующие сутки вполне разумная. Если вы сами приезжаете в Киев и проводите время с девушкой здесь доплата за дорогу к вам и обратно не взымается. 

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