Ukraine is known to be the homeland for a great amount of famous supermodels.

Ukraine is known to be the homeland for a great amount of famous supermodels. Though very few of them have achieved some success on their own. For 95% of modern Ukrainian topmodels nothing would show some perspective if it wasn't about the role of model-agencies. For example, famous supermodel Diana Kovalchuk who is known for her collaboration with world known fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre. Diana is also famous for her photoshoots in such magazines as ELLE, Marie Claire, Glamour, L'Officiel, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan and Cleo. She worked with Helmut Newton and Toni Meneguzzo. But not a single bit of success and fame would be with her if it wasn't about  “Linea-12” that gave her a great start-up for the career of the world's topmodel.

“Linea-12” was founded in 1991 and is known as Ukraine's major company. “Linea-12” is quite unique company, because it provides a personal promotion for each girl, what is, definitely, a great point if you want to get a successful career start. And you'll get one just like it was with Ukraine topmodels Zhanna Havenko and Tatiana Piskun. Strong professional work and top-class services are what make “Linea-12” such a successful company that trains up best Ukrainian models.

Of course “Linea-12” is not the only top-class model agency in the Ukraine. The 15th of May in 1998 was the start date for another qualified IgMa-Models (first it was named M-Models), that, from the very start, was working with prestigious fashion contests as EliteModelLook and Ford Supermodels of the World. As a result in 2007 the model of IgMa Models agency Lyudmila Bikmullina became “Miss Ukraine-Universe” and presented her homeland at the “Miss Universe” contest in Mexico-city. IgMa-Models co-works with such world-known model agencies as Starz People, Model-Management (Honkong), Unique-Models, Pure Fashion, Esee Management (Beijing, Shanghai), Cat-Models, Golden Management, JaStarModel, Ling Vision, BY-S Fashion&Model Management, PTModels, AIM Image Group, T.I.Models, 180 Models, VTModels (Shanghai), ILook Models, 2Morrow Models, DAO Models Management, Time Pretti, NeonShrine International Agency, ModernModels, EYModel, Modelline, Monarch International Agency (Beijing). IgMa-Models is another top-class Ukraine agency that provides only pro-models to the world podiums. You can see on our website one of topmodels - Diana Orushko - real sexy girl from Kiev.

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