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  “Should we get prostitutes working for the government and pay taxes as every other working person or not?” is the question of a great amount of discussions to  many-many years so far. In the other words - should the whoredom business like Kiev escorts get legalized or not? Let's try to get to some monosemantic point in this eternal discussion that will be the subject of a great “brainfights” of the brightest minds who are involved in this problem. As an example of “why should not make prostitution legal” let's take Ukraine.

make prostitution legal

   As one can remember, after the Iron Curtain have fallen all of ex-USSR countries got into the abyss of uncontrolled crime, debauch and mayhem. And, as one of the named, the whoredom got widely spreading among the Ukraine. The times have passed, yet the whoredom still remains the “hidden, shadow business” when it can be legalized to the greater good of all, as to the hookers themselves, and as for their clients, and, of course, to the government. To cut the long story short, it's good to each side.

  For the hookers, when the prostitution gets legalized, the escort agencies will spring up like mushrooms overnight and so, the girls will be under the protection of these agencies instead of racketeers who not only take money from them, but beat them up as well. Hookers who shall be named “escort models” instead will also get an official salary which include taxes and all this stuff. That's also the good point for the government, because each of the escort agencies shall be under it's watch so the two sides get a “win-win” situation. Taxes are paid, protection is achieved which is great both ways, considering the condition of the society in Ukrainian regions. And as to the clients it'll mean the improvement of the solution to the problem of “How can I never get AIDS or HIV while having fun time with a prostitute?”.

  When it is legalization of prostitution, like it happened in Holland, every resident gets a complete social welfare and, if it's needed, an immediate medical care from venerologist. That should improve the situation with the clients and just with people who are too afraid to come to the hookers because of the fright they'll catch some sexual disease - people won't be afraid, because they'll get protected sex.

  So, as one can see on the example of the Ukraine, legalizing the whoredom is a very needful thing in the modern world. 

- 01.11.2013

о да! полезные советы. меня лично часто часто тревожит зона бикини у девушек. иногда действительно попадаются джунгли! даже небольшая щетинка уже не так красиво как гладко выбритый лобок девушки. я думаю многие меня поймут, а некоторые наверное как и я не могли нормально кончить из-за этих зарослей...

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