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This page of our website is devoted to our amazing country - Ukraine! We want you to know more about this country located in the heart of Europe. We know that you love our ladies and we believe you'd like to know more about the country of their origin! Ukraine is a magnificent place of the world. Everything here is very specific and very unique. First of all it occupies a great territory in the heart of Europe. Because of this location it has both - western and eastern cultures. Of course our country has the culture of it's own which is by the way very ancient and it takes it's roots back in the seventh century!

Can you imagine, how many ages and difficulties Ukraine has passed through?! Of course this had to influence the character of the nation. Ukrainian are very specific people. They are generous and they love to cheer. They are also hardworking . it's a pity that the spirit of the eighteens' and nineteenth centuries is gone because in those times the mentality of Ukrainians was shown the best. Nowadays it's a quickly developing country with lots of industries. However of course we have lots of problems. But still Ukrainians look into the future with hope and they are happy to integrate into Europe and meet tourist on their land! Hospitable people and country is waiting for you!

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