Travel to Ukraine and save your money!

 The fastest, most convenient and romantic way to travel to Ukraine is air transport or simply a plane. Many transborder flyings go through Boryspil International Airport. Together with offering maintenances of domestic flights some small airports also provide tourists with an Int service. If you are visiting UA you may be sure that in one day you will be able to see sights in different cities.
 International airport (AP) of UA is placed 40 km away from downtown and it provides cheap flights to Ukraine. Ukrainian APs receive flyings from throughout the world. Among the leading companies one can name Ukrainian International Airlines that provides air communication with Western Europe. During the vocational season and on large holidays, Christmas, for instance, it can be overloaded, so I advise you to book tickets beforehand.
 There is a discount system for children and large groups. Any tourist can get all the necessary information directly at the airlines or at tourist agencies.
 Today any AP tries to catch up with the modern trends, so faster services for passengers have been organized. And there is the post office, medical emergency station and an interpreter's maintenance in the AP. The workers of the information desk will provide you with pieces of advice on any questions you may have. Also there is a telephone, which you may use to call a taxi. Or you may visit a restaurant or hotel near the AP. This is very comfortable and saves a lot of time for seeking a hotel or place to eat.
 By the way, there you may find a currency exchange booth where you can change you currency in the UAH. Every AP offers it's clients the services of internet. And near you may find a shop to buy guidebooks of different ukrainian cities, magazines and souvenirs.

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