Ukraine currency

Slavic females have always been considered to be the most beautiful ones. They can easily win any beauty contest because they are astonishing- very well educated with great manners and behavior but at the same time they attract lots of foreigners with their sex abilities. They are crazy in a bedroom and they can make a man cum thousands times!

That's why there are so many people who really want to visit our country and get to know it better. But if you want to visit Ukrainians you have to learn lots of things - about the customs, people, habit's, currency, weather etc.

The national Ukraine's currency is hryvnia. Every escort Kiev uses it and you'll have to get some, too. The origin of the currency goes back to the 7st century - when the Kyiv Rus culture and country was alive. That's a long time ago but at that period the name for the currency was born.

In the 20th century when Ukraine was united into the Soviet Union, all the females of the country used Russian rubles to pay for goods and services and finally in the 1996th hryvnia returned into the lives of Ukrainians again. This happened after our country was declared independent!

Of course lots of men come to our country with different currencies. And I'm not talking only about euros and dollars. But still these two currencies are second and third most widely spread in Ucraina after it's national money.  But exchanging this money into hryvnias isn't a problem at all. For instance, you can visit any bank and change the money according to the national exchange rate. this is completely legal way to get grivnia, which you can use to pay at the cafes and at the shops where you  buy stuff.

But if you go to the night club you don't have to get hrivnias obligatorily. It's enough to tell a barman that you have no money but foreign currency and he'll agree to sell you cocktails at fair price. 


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