Weather in Kiev

Ukraine and Kiev in particular experiences four seasons. Ukrainians have quite cold winters and very, very hot summers. The summer temperatures may get extremely high, especially in July and August. Kiev also experiences the light rainfall all year long, but naturally the wettest months are during the summer.

Many guests of the city arrive in Kiev during the summer or spring because of the winter's and autumn's cold temperatures. But I have to point out that in the recent years our country has become popular for winter sports such as ice skating.

So, generally speaking the city enjoys moderate continental humid climate. The cold northern and northeastern winds, frozen rivers and lakes and sudden drops in temperature are usual in the first four months of the year. The lowest recorded temperature in the capital of Ukraine is -26 °F, so if you are planning to visit this city in winter you are to take warm clothing. Take your gloves, snow boots, scarves and other winter stuff and make sure you can protect yourself from cold. It is possible that you will enjoy snow from the end of November to the very end of March.

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