Visiting Ukraine

If you are planning to visit Ukraine I can only congratulate you with that. You will be capable to have a great time in our country. Why? Oh, let me tell you about the beauty and diversity of my native land.

I have to tell you that Ukraine has very interesting history, old culture and many original traditions. Guests of the country never get bored. Probably first you will see the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. This is amazing city - beautiful and famous for many old churches, monasteries, monuments and streets with cafes, restaurants, pubs. However, I advise you not to stop on the capital and visit other beautiful cities of Ukraine such as Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, and Lviv. And do not forget to take your camera. You will definitely want to remember these mountains, landscapes, monuments, and churches.

If you visit Odessa you will find out that it is perfect for walking. Spectacular view of the bay starts from the Potemkin Steps. You may walk along Primoskjj Boulevard and see monuments devoted to the Crimean war. Make a couple photos of the governor's palace and the Tyoschin Most - an amazing foot bridge.

Catacombs of Odessa used to be a shelter for partisans and smugglers. Today it is the most interesting and thrilling attraction in Ukraine. Oh, almost forgot. Every shopaholic has to attend the Odess Privoz - a huge market.

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