The plan for a pan-European sportive tournament was initially proposed by Henri Delaunay from the French Federation in 1927. But it began 3 years after his death in 1958. In honor of Delaunay, the main football trophy is named after him. Since that year all countries are struggling for the right to receive the game. And at last the Euro 2012 contest will be held by Poland and Ukraine.


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It is important to mention that our country will get the chance to express it'self. We will show the beauty and glory of our bloomy land and the hospitability of Slavonian people. Local girls are the most striking models in all over the globe. And it is the right time to stop hiding and to show the other part of the world what UA is capable for.
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Since the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine is the most magnificent sportive event for UA. We can't miss this chance, so we will show what we are capable for.
Naturally, you wish to know everything about all the latest Euro 2012 news and results. And the finest way to stay informed is to buy Euro 2012 tickets and to attend at least one football match. Oh, and after the game you will be able to visit some pub or bar where you and other fans will discuss the match. This is also a grand chance to get acquainted with local XXX models who love sport as much as you do.
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See you at the match in Poland and in UA!


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