Ukraine visa to be prepared for.

Visiting Ukraine is an exciting event in every person's life. I mean people who come to Ukraine. Some come here to see sights, some want to meet Kiev escort. But independently on your aim you'll have to deal with “the visa thing”. Thank God in Ukraine everything is much simpler than in the UK for example. But of course there are some underwater rocks, too.

Anyway our country has never been a country with tough entry rules and laws and even if you have to get Ukraine visa it isn't as scary as it seems. There will be no need to spend several days in front of the embassy and wait for an approval to enter the country.

In general Ukraine visa isn't very much required for lots of foreigners. If you come to the country for 90 days, you don't need it at all. For instance if you come from the UK, the USA, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Estonia, Latvia or Russia - there is no need for you to get a visa. But if you plan to live in Ukraine or stay here for more than 180 day, in this case visa is required. Be careful with counting the days, because 180 days isn't always 6 months sharply. And it you prolong the terms you stay in a country without approval of the state, there might be some problems with the Ukrainian law.

Note that if you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand you need a visa any way. And of course there is a list of the countries which don't have warm relationship with Ukraine and their citizens also have to get visa if they need to pass our borders.

If a person enters Ukraine via airplane, he or she has to be attentive with the number of days he or she stayed in Ukraine for the previous time. Because if during the previous 180 days you've been to Ukraine for longer than 90 days, you might not be allowed to enter again. You can completely avoid this if you travel by bus or a car.

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