How do you order girl to USA via our agency?

Some of the ESCORT.VC girls have USA visas. You can order a sex tour USA with the help of our agency. Unfortunately, very few have their visas now, and if they do, this is mentioned on their pages. 

If you want to invite Ukrainan escort girl to USA, you have to follow our very simple set of rules: 

•       The minimum trip duration is two full days; 
•       We add one day to your trip duration for the flights and such. So if you're ordering 2 days trip, you'll be paying for three days; 
•       You can see the prices on the models' pages. If you want to invite our girl for more than 7 days, you can discuss it with our manager, sometimes it's possible; 
•       You pay for a girl's airplane tickets, two ways transfer, accommodation and meals; 
•       We require the deposit (20% of the full sum total or more). You can pay via Western Union or other payment system;
•       Our manager will require the scan of your ID to confirm your identity. This is mandatory for the safety issues.

If you want your meeting in USA to be great and top level, you need to tell us about: 

•       The possible date script or how would you like it to pass. If she will be seeing your friends or family, this is the best option to have some great times without any inconveniences. If you don't want them to find out that this is the paid date, you need some version to keep. Maybe you met her during your vacation? Maybe you met her in the airport? It all depends on your fantasy. Just think of the version you'd like the best, and tell it to our manager. Then you'll be sure the girl will play up. 
•       The trip plan. How would you like to spend these days in tour? Would you like to never leave the bed? Or maybe you're planning a party, some celebration? Meeting friends, going to the seaside or to the ocean? You need to tell us. The girl will pick up her clothes accordingly - maybe a swimsuit or a warm coat if it will be needed. Your USA escort will look good, just the way you like it.  
•       Your sexual preferences. You can tell us your sexual preferences, what you like and dislike about sex, things you'd like to try with your escort. You can also mention the type of lingerie, shoes and sex toys you like. 
•       Your likes and dislikes about a girl's behavior. She needs to know this so she will act accordingly and nothing will spoil your time together. If the girl you're about to meet is a smoker and you don't like it, just tell us about it and you won't spot a note of cigarette smoke. 

•     Some of your pictures will be helpful too! Your escort will get to know you while still being away. 


If you don't have any preferences or specific desires about your future escort tour USA, all you need to do is e-mail our manager, find out who has the USA visa now and make a deposit payment. You can buy the plane tickets to any USA city you need on your own, or we can buy them for you, but their total should be included in deposit then. You need to include the money for the flight meals if they do not come free with a ticket.

Preplan your USA tour with our girl

Please, plan the tour ahead. Two or three weeks in advance if possible, it's the best option. In our experience, the minimum of 5 days is required to buy the tickets and get the lady ready for the road. Our e-mail for tour bookings is You will get the response from our manager in a day or so, and also few days will be needed to discuss the details, make your deposit payment and buy a ticket, and then model has to get ready for the tour. She needs to get her mani and pedi done, refresh her hair color and stuff. Maybe you'd like the model to buy some sexual toys or stuff like that for your meeting exclusively.
Why it's a good idea to travel USA with Ukrainian girl 
Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern Europe girls are very popular among American clients. They are really beautiful, they are slim or curvy but anyway have the great bodies, they always look on point and they behave the way men love. They are not spoiled at all. It's a lot better and more comfortable to invite Ukrainian girls to USA than use USA escort agency services. Our prices will be suitable for most American clients. And Ukraine girls look even better than American elite escorts who charge 2K or 5K dollars a night. And our ladies always offer a lot of different sexual services! Our escort models speak English and they are not the simple girls you can meet in the street. You will spend your time with cheerful, beautiful, smart and witty young Ukrainian woman.
Stay safe and healthy with Ukrainian girls
We pay great attention to the quality of our services, especially to the safety of your sexual intercourses. All of Kiev escort girls undergo the medical tests on a regular basis. You can see their health labs confirming that they do not have HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B or C on their pages. If your order our Ukrainian usa escorts you may not be concerned with your health at all. There is such a small number of companies who show the health labs and post them on their sites.Usually only the most VIP elite services offer you this. Our working method is unique, we care for you and your health and this is a great reason to use our services.
Fulfill your fantasies: plan your whole trip to USA according to your dreams
If you're going to USA on a trip with your friends or alone, and you want a lady to escort you, the one who'll be ready to fulfill all of your fantasies 24/7, you need to take one of our ladies with you. Ordering a prostitute for a few hours is very costly in USA. If you don't know the contacts of well-tried and respectable escort agencies in USA, we highly recommend you not to order girls there at all! But you can give yourself a gift, think of a game, thoroughly planned by you. If you're going on a trip with your friends, it would be highly pleasant to “accidentally” meet a beauty in the airport. You just met and it's a pleasant coincidence, you're both on the same flight! And on the plane you had a nice chat And here she is, so eager to spend time with you that she's ready to forget about her USA worries and things to do to just spend a few days in your company. You can think of any story you like and make it real! Just make it real now, while you can and while you have this adventurous spirit in you.
Privacy and personal data safety are guaranteed
 Escort models that work in our agency are instructed to do their work according to our company code. They don't have any right to disclose any details about your date and your time together. Your secret is totally safe in our agency. No one will bother you with calls or even blackmail you after the tour (it's possible with bad escort agencies though!). All of your personal data, pictures and mailing is safe on the protected agency's server during the trip. If you want to show yourself to girl before your meeting, we will show her your pictures. The rest of the information is available only to our manager during the tour, and gets deleted after the tour. We will leave only your e-mail and your date preferences in our date. The rest of information will be deleted for good. 
We care about our clients!
If you have any questions about the Ukrainian escorts in USA and sex trips or if you wish to make a booking, e-mail our manager to
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