New Year Extravaganza with ukrainian escort!

I never thought new year extravaganza can be really funny and cool! It all started typically - I was asked to join my clients in sauna with just wait for it 6 of my co-workers! Of course, men love this type of parties, so I was ready for it. We were gonna celebrate New Year's Eve. Of course, we're Ukrainian escort, so we're more than adjusted to this type of entertainment.But it was a first-timer, when clients gather 7 of us at a time! We're curious about what await's us. And it was a bit scary of course. Everyone was waiting for the extravaganza. 

When we arrived to sauna, clients gave us seven identical Snegurochka dresses. That's how I knew the way we were chosen to this party - by our matching clothing sizes. And you know what, instead of drinking alcohol and offering sexual services all night, we got into real New Year fairytale. Our clients turned out to have greatest fantasy of all and organized us (well, and themselves, of course) the real party with singing, dancing, quizzes. We even made a model walk “New Year Style 2016” of course, with striptease elements. And it was really sexy! And lots of fun. Creative quizzes made us happy, and good wine made us dizzy. And we really started liking men, who asked us to come not just to use us and pay money. They really made this New Year's Eve special, they though it through for themselves and for us. And this party was the one to remember. We appreciated it highly, and that created a great sympathy towards those men. This extravaganza took place before actual New Year's Eve, but despite of that, we waited for midnight and “greeted new year” in the most romantic way, in pairs. It was our very own erotic New Year's Eve. We enjoyed the romantic and the crazy mood of this night, and we really liked our clients, these brave men with great imagination. And we really wanted to gave them the most of satisfaction and our attention. So I think they enjoyed this party the same as we - the culmination was really perfect and absolutely sexy for all of them, and they were asking for more. Of course, they were absolutely good either - for example, I never knew I can experience THAT number of orgasms in one night, when I'm in good and caring hands. 
Ukrainian escort
So this extravaganza turned out to be perfect - both in entertaining and erotic parts of the night. We forgot about the stereotypes of celebrating just by drinking and eating and having sex, and it helped us to create a special type of happy holiday. 
So we're not afraid of extravaganzas and corporate parties anymore, and we'll eagerly wait for new parties like this in 2016. But who knows, maybe our clients will make it happen very soon? I am really waiting!

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