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Booking a date with one of the prostitutes of Kiev is a great solution when you’re tired and bored, but not only in that case. Escorts are go-to solution for those who have doubts about their performance, who are not sure enough of themselves to actually go to a regular date. 
Prostitutes have been known long enough as the girls who are very helpful for men who experience any kind of sexual troubles. And there’s absolutely no shame: whoever you are, whatever your problem is, we know how to fix it and so do our girls! 

Sex and psychology: Why escort works better than a regular girl? 

An escort is sometimes better than a sex therapist. Meeting a person to talk about what your self-doubts are and to discuss all of your problems is great, but isn’t it better to actually find someone who fixes all of them in an instance? With an escort girl, you get two in one: someone who listens to you and someone who can try something hot to actually fix your problem! 

There is a wide variety of arguments, why it’s better to actually meet an escort if you’re having psychological struggles about sex and your performance, some of them are: 

  • You don’t know this girl, you’re meeting her for the first time and there’s a huge chance you’ll never meet her again. The trust can be complete, because even if you fail, you won’t need to ever meet with her once more; 
  • She’s a pro, she has met a lot of guys who have some inner struggles, and she knows how to work with them. Being able to overcome everything that stands between you and quality sex is literally her job description!
  • You can tell her everything, and she will find the way to be patient with you, to get you to the perfect orgasm finish line and make you enjoy sex; 
  • A girl’s appearance matters a lot, so if you’ve always had problems with the certain type, overcoming them with a girl who looks just like your ex will be helpful. Or maybe you want to try with a completely different type? 
  • Even if you have a partner and your passion died down with years, you might just invite a sexy girl to enjoy a threesome or to watch you and your partner, without getting involved in sex – this will greatly help with reigniting your long lost passion once again! 

All in all, an escort is the right decision to just try and get past your psychological struggles. You will absolutely feel powerful when a beautiful girl is moaning with pleasure in bed with you! 

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How to get an orgasm

The orgasm you’ve dream about is absolutely in the closest reach when you’re with an escort girl! Even if you’re having problems with climaxing, changing a girl and the atmosphere around you might help you get relaxed. You can always ask for stronger stimulation of your erogenous zones or maybe a more sensual one. 

The job of any escort is to hear what you need and fulfill it in life. Whereas other girls can struggle with fulfilling your fantasies, you can choose an escort strictly based on the additional services she provides should you need one for stronger orgasm. 
Some men get a powerful, strong orgasm with prostate stimulation, but they can feel shy asking a girl to perform a prostate massage on them. That won’t be a problem with an escort – if that’s what you like, rimming and prostate massage will be a great combo that will make you cum like you’ve never ever came before! 

Techniques and stuff 

Some of the favorite positions of Kiev prostitutes are those where the deeper penetration is required. This is great for those who want to experience more powerful sex, more stimulation for the pleasure. For example, the great position for that is reverse cowgirl, when a girl sits on the man’s penis, ass facing him. You get a wonderful view and a deeper penetration all at once. Impossible not to cum! 

Also escorts are much more flexible than ordinary girls, and sex in special positions comes easy. If you’ve only enjoyed two or three positions most of your sex life, experiencing a flexible girl who can easily get into any position for the deeper stimulation will be mind-blowing for you. 

Prostitutes also have special techniques and little helpers for deeper blowjob (like freezing spray for the throat), and it’s absolutely impossible not to cum immediately when you experience the deepest of your blowjobs, performed by a very beautiful girl who’s there just to make you satisfied and give you the most intense of pleasure. 

Wait, but what if I don’t have any problems? 

If you really don’t have any psychological or physical problems and you just need to enjoy the quality sex, escorts are still a great find for you. 
In order to experience a truly long and enjoyable sex with the escort of your choosing, you might ask her about edging techniques or learn about them yourself and practice them with her. With the right edging technique you might prolong your sex up to two or three hours and get a mind-blowing orgasm! 
Also there are some gels, creams and sprays that numb the head of your penis. You still get pleasure, but it prolongs the act and make you enjoy it longer. You can make it into a little game and the girl can stimulate the erogenous zones while using a prolonging cream – this makes for a wonderful prelude to sex. 

All in all, for any of your problems with sex there’s a solution when there’s a pro in bed with you. And we provide the widest variety of professionals to make you feel great! 

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