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Strapon mistress Valeria offers you new service "Strapon without boundaries" - PEGGING - 100$ only!

We offer our clients new sexual practice and it's called pegging. PEGGING is the type of sex, when a man and a woman switch places and woman becomes more active and she penetrates man's anus with the strapon. Now you can get the unforgettable pleasure, release your fantasies and experience new emotions. For meetings in Kiev!
You can trust  Kiev escort VALERIA on this intimate and private matter. You need to try it with a professional, who feels the emotions of partner and offers real junction. You will experience new emotions you won't be able to say no to. Full satisfaction, greatest extasy you've ever felt. It is called THE WILD SEX. Every man needs to experience pegging, because it's the most unique prostate massage that combines health concerns and sexual satisfaction. 
strapon sex in Kiev
There is a popular opinion that a man who likes prostate stimulation of any kind (touching with nipples or tongue or penetrating with finger or strapon) is a suppressed homosexualist. It's not right and it's not true. It's only natural for every man to long for a prostate stimulation and to love pegging. Here are some reasons why. 
- Women have clitoral and vaginal types of orgasm, and many of them like the first type the most. And many men prefer anal orgasm, because it's way more powerful than the standard one. Men who experienced anal orgasm from penetration say that anal orgasm reminds of the standard one, but prolonged for seven or eight minutes! Those are unforgettable feelings and you will want them in your life forever. 
- Pegging offers you the more intensive and of course more pleasant type of prostate massage. It's far more effective than medical prostate massage that any doctor can offer you, and you can forget about the prostatitis! 
- Of course, when you're practicing pegging, woman is in a dominatrix position, and it's very good for a man's psychic health. If you have a lot of responsibilities in your life (for your family and for your work and career), you need to take it off and let someone take responsibility of you for a bit of a time. Pegging will help you! 
- It's a constant thrill in your life, and you won't need to look for any more thrills if you have pegging. Of course, to get the positive feelings about this practice, you need to start with the professional. It will help you slide into this practice without any negative emotions. 
- If you want to try being submissive in BDSM practice, that's the perfect opportunity. 
- Of course, it's really personal and intimate, and if you're trying it with the pro, no one will find out about it. 
pegging service escort in Kiev  
If you're practicing pegging with a dominatrix, dominating woman, you're taking great care of your health, both mental and physical, diversifying your sexual life while switching places with a woman and of course prolonging and intensifying your orgasm times HUNDRED! 
REMEMBER! If you're suffering from hemorrhoids, and TDs of the digestive tract, pegging is strictly forbidden for you. 
Valeria will gladly help you with your start in pegging and will give you the greatest and most pleasant feeling from this process. She has a special arsenal of toys and uniforms and she needs to take it with her to a meeting.
So if you're ready to order a pegging practice in Kiev (the price is 100$), you need to call us in 4 hours before meeting. 
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Жду нашей встречи

Robert 06.09.2018

Please send details for appointment

Answer:If you want to meet girl just call us or write on our social account;)

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