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Hot story about crazy sex in Kiev

Being newbie in an escort business is hard and you never know how it's gonna end up for you, but still it's pleasant for me to meet different men from around the world and make them sweat while seeing me and not only seeing of course. You want to know about very special meeting? Well it was not so long ago. Most of my meetings are really special, but one of them was really hot.

Man is so good when he cares. Caring can easily win every woman's heart. If you want to have perfect sex even with an escort lady from Ukraine, you have to show that you're interested in her. That would give you extra points, that she will surely appreciate. My meeting started with flowers and with dress that my new client who I've never seen before gave me. I received his dress and a note that he would like to meet me while I'm wearing this dress. It was beautiful and it was my size (agency mentions our sizes on our pages so clients always know this), and I was happy wearing it. I tried to look my best and I went to the restaurant where my client wanted to meet me. It was very interesting, I was worried about who would I see and how does the man who's behaving like this look. And I wasn't disappointed, he looked well and very sexy. Of course I wanted him, I couldn't stand the time that was left for us to stay in the restaurant, I wanted to leave to hotel room. And I proposed him one crazy thing he won't forget at all, I proposed him crazy sex in Kiev restaurant, in WC. I never made it with my clients and with my boyfriends either, but I wanted to try it with that guy. He was really surprised with his eyes widened, but he agreed to have fun like that.

It was really funny, and that's that kind of fun that connects with sex in the very best way. We enjoyed each other, we started undressing each other on our way to WC cabin. Cabin wasn't really small, but there wasn't enough space of course, still it didn't bother us because we were excited about each other. My partner looked really hot and he was turned on badly, so first I performed amazing and unforgettable blowjob. Then we still wanted each other which was surprising for both of us, and we kissed and cherished, and then he proposed to go to his hotel room. But we were kissing all the way there and it was absolutely perfect. I've never felt THAT desired and I'm sure he had fun with me too. He was into me and I was into him. Perfect sex for perfect guy!

crazy sex in Kiev


Поддерживаю! У меня лично есть любимая жена и дети, но работа такая, что требуется на встречах выглядеть очень достойно. Супругу несколько раз брал с собой - ей нудно. Пришлось обращаться неоднократно в эскорт агентство. Радует то, что ваши девушки не проститутки, то есть они работают не только ради секса и денег. Многие даже очень умные и общительные. Такой эскорт мне очень помогает в работе, спасибо! ;)

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