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All double penetration secrets

If you are going to achieve the new and amazing Girlfriend experience Kiev with beautiful and sexy escort girl then double penetration is exactly what you definitely would try. Double penetration is a kind of threesome sex. This is simultaneous double penetration into a passive partner (woman or man), which is made by two men, less often - using auxiliary means, for example, a dildo, vibrator or strap-on.

If the passive partner is a woman, then double penetration usually means penetration into the vagina and anus. But there are other forms of double penetration: the penetration of two penises into the anus or into the woman's vagina. Double penetration is a common group sex practice and is offered by various Girlfriend experience Ukraine agencies.

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Truth and myths about double penetration

Many believe that double penetration is found only in porno movies and is not feasible in reality. It is not true. Mention of the practice of double penetration can be found already in the "Kama Sutra" and other ancient records. Double penetration was practiced in ancient times. The first double penetration scene in the adult industry was filmed only in 1970 for the film “Delphia the Greek”. If we consider the structure of the vagina and rectum of a woman (in the absence of pathologies), then double penetration is quite possible and with a good preparation will give only pleasant feelings.

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What should be known about double penetration?

Pain sensations 

Many women perceive double penetration negatively, believing that it will cause severe pain and injury. For the most part, this is due to the fact that in adult videos that can be found on the Internet, double penetration is often quite tough. For many untrained girls, this process can be associated with almost rape. Therefore, most likely, a woman’s unwillingness to try double penetration is due to ordinary fear.

In fact, pain can occur only with a gross violation of the rules of safe sex - this is a poor preparedness of a woman to take two penises at once, not using a lubricant, and a rough introduction of penises to the girl's body. This never can be happened with your adorable and skilled Ukraine escort companion knowing how to arrange everything to bring maximum pleasure to the man. With sufficient tenderness and delicacy, accuracy and caution of the man and, most importantly, patience, everybody will be satisfied and get only a pleasant experience.

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 Feelings of a woman

With proper preparation, a woman will feel a real sense of fullness and incredible emotions. This will contribute to the pressure on the septum between the vagina and anus. However, if standard sex rules are not followed (sufficient preparation and use of lubricant) the girl can feel quite strong painful sensations. Therefore, men should remember this while using the double penetration offer from GFE escort service.

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Feelings of a man

Men’s sensations may vary, depending on the poses. It also depends on how a man prefers to have sex with a woman, whether he likes vaginal sex or anal sex more. But most men get quite an interesting experience and pleasant sensations without any discomfort. 

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Denis 11.03.2019

Having a lady who enjoys double penetration, another woman with a strap on is my preference in both holes desperately and at the same time.

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