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What is crucial for great sex, size or right technique

The years are passing by, times change, as well as fashion, attitudes, trends, but something remains eternal: the question “does size matter?” Since ancient times, from generation to generation, humanity has been interested in the same question. And both men and women. Is it possible to find the right answer?

Woman’s point of view on man anatomy

Some women are in the endless search for the ideal ratio of length/width /volume and other mathematical measurements of the parameters of manhood. They usually explain their selective approach by the fact that the size is the main issue because sex is the backbone of relationships. Others accept their men with any dimensions, attaching little importance to centimeters. The main thing for them is true love, pure feelings, and a complete image, not separate parts of man’s body.

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Man’s reason for pride

The men, basically, have a much simpler attitude: the more, the better, because the “tool” of decent size is a reason for pride. Being absolute certain in their ability to bring the heavenly pleasure to the lady with the dimensions the men can’t even imagine that their partner can be upset or not satisfied. Facing such situation the men usually get the huge psychological disaster leading to depression, longing, and numerous complexes.

After this, the male half of humanity begins to reflect on the perfect size and compose meaningless philosophical treatises about large sizes and their significance for humanity. As a result of the collision of different opinions, we get the eternal question: does size matter?

The scope of the problem

So, what are the disputed sizes? Some chase after the length and some claim that the circumference and the diameter of the penis are more important. According to statistics, the average size of the male penis, as well as the golden mean, is 15-16 cm. But do not forget that everything is individual, both in terms of susceptibility and in terms of sensations and body structure.

Therefore, with regard to the bringing pleasure to a woman, then 25 cm will not be enough for someone, and the other will languish from passion, wriggling in innumerable orgasms from 8 cm. Some girls will experience pain inside, if the partner moves too large or thick dick, another one will suit this option perfectly. Particularly sophisticated ladies will not feel a man inside if the size is below the average, and someone will relax and enjoy, even with truly modest dimensions. Try Kiev escort girls and you won’t experience any problem.

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Technique is everything

After above thinking, a well-known truth is born: not exactly the size, but the ability to use is important. These words may seem primitive and hackneyed, untrue, or simply a great excuse to justify the small size. But, nevertheless, existing for the long enough this opinion is founded on a solid basis.

Just keep in mind that “stuck-stick” sex is not what the woman is waiting from his partner. With such an attitude to sex, a man has no chances to please his companion even by giant dimensions. Anticipating the indignant questions of men it is possible to say that no, acrobatic stunts can be left for personal leisure, and not for the bedroom.

If someone is sure that the mere fact of having a penis is all that is needed for her to moan from multiple orgasms and this miracle device does not need any technique, then we have bad news for you. After all, the right sex technique is much more important than the size. The size importance will take a back seat, if you feel a partner, know the special body’s points, erogenous zones and suitable poses. Therefore, improve your skills and do not perplex yourself.

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Quincy 17.11.2018

"Cheers"....that you listen to your clents, I see your search engine has English option now Another suggestion would be, a full description of what these options mean. Follwing descriptions may help, just add them in a seperate descprion paragraph. You can formulate your own as well. Perfect: Understand spoken sentences completely, reply & express fluently in full English vernacular. Good: Understands completetly but express only in incomplete words or sentences. Basic: Difficulty in understanding and replying in formalised words or sentences but understands body language & non verbal communcation. Anyway' I have met Nina before, her English is " perfect", not "good" as your search engine reports.

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