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Did you ever had such adventure to Turkey?

  I am an expensive lady and I know that. All of my clients are the men what prefer only the best to themselves, and I appreciate it. But the fact what I've never been asked out to a trip bothered me - my colleagues were travelling often, but my clients preferred seeing me in their hotel suit's for few hours or a day. I wished to go to a trip and my dream came true as usual. One of my clients had a business adventure to Turkey, which he wished to make impressive, cause he knew he had no more time to vacation this year. So he asked me to escort him and make out like I'm his girlfriend in front of his business associates. We had to live in different suites and I knew I'm going to have so much time for myself. Well, how else should I call it if not THE PERFECT VACATION?

  But when we came to Turkey, it was very hard to behave like a great escort lady. I have never seen Ron working before, and it was so beautiful and sexy. He was all into his work, making contracts and having meetings even during the trip, and what I love the most is watching men at work. Ronn was brilliant - he knew how to sell himself to his associates, old and new, and he made money out of thin air. When he had first dinner together, I tried to be as classy as I could and wore beautiful dress to impress Ronn's partners. I made my job great - everyone was looking at me. Why wouldn't they - fabulous blond in red dress, looking smashly, but paying attention just to one man. When I looked into Ronn's eyes, I saw what I wanted to see - gratitude and desire. I am professional escort model, and I know how to make males feel those things, but with Ronn it wasn't the same - I knew he wanted me for real, and he saw how his partners wanted me too.

  I left the dinner earlier, than Rone, to have the time to prepare for his visit in my suite. I was sure the visit will be really passionate and great, and what was true. We had sex all night long, and it was emotional, and Ron called me the best girl he ever had - and it was so flattering. But what was the best is the fact that I was fond of Ron the same way as he was fond of me.

  The last day of our vacation was the day when all Ron's partners left and it was me and him who stayed in the hotel. We didn't even have to talk - we made love countless times, and then flew away - each one to his country. I loved this vacation, because it was perfect from the very first moment, because I had a great male by my side and because I made him feel like the best one among his partners. That's why I love being escort girl.


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