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It was a fantastic sex in Premiere Palace!

  August was not really hot, but me and other girls of agency just sit at home all period, because Kiev had not so much visitors after Euro-2012. Some of the girls had the men coming to them, and as to me, I knew what august holds something special. Something I would never forget. And when my agent called me and said what I have the invitation from a man to visit his hotel suite, I knew that was it. I simply couldn't make a mistake about it - what was my august romantic meeting, the only I was waiting to spending day in my flat alone and waiting for the phone to call.

  I knew what my client's name was Roy. I never met a man with this name, so it was my first period. Then, he was waiting of me in the Premiere Palace hotel - the one I've never been before too. Former period once again. And the last first time was something me and Roj did But oops, let it be a secret, oookay?

  The line in my public page on Kiev escort site says: “Fantastic sex with model Polina”. And all of this is true - I was doing modeling and doing it time to time now, and the day my agent called me I was planning a new photoshoot. But suddenly, one side of me prevailed the other one, and I decided to show Roj that Polina's not only a model, but really good in bed. So I cancelled photoshoot and ask my photographer to move it to the other day. I had to make the great impression on Roj.

  So, on the X day, Roj was waiting of me and I got up to his suite, all dressed up for him with silky stockings on my legs, some powder puff with vanilla scent on my body and red lips. When Roy saw me at the first period, I knew he was fully into me, he fell of me and he wanted to tear me apart just on the suite floor. So we weren't really into conversation, we just said hi to each other and started taking our clothes off. I had to admit that having sex with Roy was the only thing on my mind since early morning as I woke up, and I got dressed just of him, and I was looking perfect, and he was looking perfect right on me.

  We were making love countless times, from the first minute of our time till the very last. I didn't want to speak, but when I got dressed again to get home, he talked to me for a while. And when he started talking, I knew I missed the whole lot of this person, making only hot sex to him, not talking to him.

  So, if I had one chance, I would like to meet Roy again. And I know for sure, that all my men in the future will be fully examined by me - starting from talks and ending in bed! A great idea, isn't it?


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