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About my memorable night with strip dance and all other beauty things

  Hello! My name is Lesia and I am one of the experienced and ripe GIA-girls ready to fulfill any sensual desires and intimate wishes of my clients. Besides, I am ready to experiment and try something new. I am highly professional female that can do anyrything to satisfy both mature and young men, for example, i one of the best in strip dance. I can say that this kind of job can bring me to different types of clients, these can be youthful boys that want to try something new and improve their experience with a true professional or these can be mature malesthat just want to relax in the company of sexual and prepared to do everything lady.

  But here I want to share with you one of my stories concerning one of my meetings with young men - Tom. And I will tell you about one evening spent with a virgin. Of course, I meet with a large number of males, those can be even 18-20 years old, but none of them was not a virgin, so I can say that it was one of the most remarkable and unforgettable experiences. Working as an GIA call lady, I can say that male men prefer to order these females who are ripe and experienced, and I am one of these women!

  So it all started like a usual evening, I was prepared to work and was waiting for the call from some of my clients. And it was a luck that one youthful boy Tom called and wanted to meet with a mature female who can teach him all tricks and details of anyrything that concerns sex. I was happy to agree on such an offer and I started to get ready to come to his place. And I can say that I was looking extremely attractive and hot, I wanted to make him go crazy from the view of my body and all what was dressed on me at that time. Well, I must admit that I succeeded in this, when the door opened I saw a somewhat shy but very hot young boy who was prepared to have sex the moment he saw me. I was glad to see that, but I told him to wait and enjoy those moment to the fullest. First, we started to talk and what a surprise, I found out that he was a virgin and want to try what a sex and woman is.

  I was glad to open this world of passionate pleasures for him, I started to touch him and kiss him, so I became his guide in this world of erotic fantasies and inner passion. Tom did everything I told him and it was a time full of satisfaction and desire. In the end, he told me that I will always stay the best woman in his life, no matter what will happen in the future, since because of me he is not afraid to try everything he wants. And this is one of the best parts of my job as escorts, which I like so much! It is great to feel yourself wanted!


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