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It was very exciting sexual adventure with beautiful man Jim

  Kiev escort girls prefer luxury. I mean, every lady loves luxury and why should we be ashamed about it? I know I look as the one who deserves it, and I am glad of what my agency gives me the opportunity to meet men who are able to give me the type of sexual adventure I deserve to have. I actually love my job - I can meet people from different corners of the Earth and talk to them, seduce them, have intimate adventures we are able to share.

  I want to tell you my mysterious tale. One of my latest clients was Jim. And it was the greatest experience I could ever have in my life. Jim is a mature and beautiful man, as really handsome one and so clever. I prefer clever men, especially ones who already succeed in some type of business - what makes them far much more interesting to me, cause a day I want to start my own, and I appreciate advices from professionals.

  So, when I heard Gim is calling me to visit him in his Hyatt suite, I was so happy. I knew what we're going to have some fun, and I wanted to do everything possible to make him like me and fall for me Even if just few hours, I want my clients to be entirely mine. I worship them, and they do the same for me. Well, Gim wasn't the exception.

  I wanted him, I knew I will and I really did. When I stepped into his suite and saw him for the first time, I felt that awesome feeling when you know you're falling for someone. I desired Jim and I was happy he picked me among the other women . We had a talk first, cause I knew from the very start that we have few hours to enjoy each other. And I like finding out about someone before letting this person inside. My clients told me countless times that they approve my manner of finding out their likes and dislikes, and then using this information when we're in bed. It's precious, how you can make a male happy knowing about him just a little more than others.

  I found out Gim prefers passionate models, he doesn't want his lass to be very tender, he prefers her to be aggressive sometimes, so I knew I should be like this to drive him crazy and make him happy. So we made passion to each other in the gorgeous bed and outside of the bed, and it was crazy. If I could, I would stay all night with him, talking and making love at the same time. I was fond of Gim's sense of humor, he told funny jokes all the time, and in the end he turned out to be really passionate and sexy lover, only who is as good in bed, as he is outside of it.

  Our staying in Hyatt was brilliant. You know, I love luxury, and every girl does. But most of all I love men and I am more than sure, that every girl does too.


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