Marta presented a perfect sex for her not rich client...

  I already got used to the fact what I am a very expensive Ukraine escort service girl, and my costumers are all men who can afford me. But sometimes life surprises us, giving us the possibility to widen the horizons of our views, and one of my latest costumers was the main life surprise to me.

  I heard what my costumer is asking me to spend two hours and a half with him, and I couldn't know how he chose the time, and why 2,5 hours - not 2, not 3? But of course, agent couldn't answer me and I decided about I should find out the answer from the costumer. I am not afraid of talking with clients and trying to ask them things I am interested in. I work in such profession at the long time and I already know how to deal with each existing type of client. Or I have thought this way

  So, suddenly, my client was waiting to me not in the hotel - in some rented flat far from city center. Men what usually use my services are rich enough to pay to  the hotel room, and they like doing it, because hotel romantic is very important to having a good sex. I never insist on ordering the room in hotel, but to be honest, I prefer them. But! I have never been so far away from city center when meeting my clients.

  When I came to the apartment, my client Jerremy met me. Well, to be honest I was quite shocked by what I saw. The flat was not suitable for bringing a lady there, even if she's an escort female. It was very cheap and modest, but - thanks God - clean. I couldn't hide my disappointment, and that's when Jerremy told me the whole story. He saw me on site suddenly, he never used escort girls before and didn't plan to use such service in future. But then he saw my profile and he couldn't resist. He was working in Kiev, having not the highly-paid job, but he wanted to spend some time with me, so he saved the money, and when he saved enough to afford taking me at a “date”, he called the agency and made his order. Seriously I was touched by this story. I never thought about the atmosphere will not matter to me - and it didn't matter by such moment. I wanted to give Jeremy a perfect sex what he deserved. So we used his old bed to seriously test it for stability. And it passed the test!

  I wanted to make Jeremy a little gift, so I made three hours of my stay out of two with a half that he ordered. And I saw that this man was grateful and happy. This is one of the greatest parts of my job - I really can change people's lives. I know for sure, that if Jeremy will ask for my services once more - I will gladly come to him, wherever he lives.


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