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It was my favourite escort meeting - I spend Christmas Eve with my client...

  My wish for New Year was a client I may gladly fall in love with. It was not so easy, cause my clients are good, wise and interesting people, but none of them could stole my heart even if for a minute. I was wondering, will I ever meet the person, what will impress me and make me feel something unforgettable. This helps us in our job a lot - when you have a regular client you may easy fall in love with, it's so simple to work with him and bring him pleasure.

  And right before orthodox Christmas, one man called to agency and asked to a girl who could spend Christmas Eve with him in his hotel room. He didn't know who exactly he was looking for, but then chose me as a lady, who's close to his ideal type. I was flattered and couldn't resist saying yes to his invitation, though I think Christmas is a family holiday. But somehow I thought I had to go to his hotel and help him get through this holiday.

  When I met Chris in his room, I was really surprised. He looked beautiful, he was young (in his middle thirties) and you may tell by the way he looks what he's a man who is successful among women. But why did he need my attention or attention of any escort Kiev girls that holiday evening?

  He had a table served in his room, with tasty food and champagne. He asked me to enter and share a dinner with him. We talked at a while and I was surprised what he didn't ask me to go to bed. I asked if there's something wrong with me, and he told me his story. He didn't want any escort lady that night - not to sex. What he needed was a partner who may help him celebrate this holiday and talk to him. As Cris told me, he was divorced with his wife of a year already, and she left him last Christmas eve, so he couldn't sit home alone and suffer from memories. So he wanted a woman, kind and understanding one, to say to.

  I know how men suffer when they get dumped by women. So I tried my best to say Cris out, to tell him, what life isn't just such bad, that it's going to be ok and he will be happy eventually. Then we drank champagne together and just talked about life.

  We had no sex at all, just talked about whole night long, but it was the best night which happened in my escort working life. Chris was charismatic, intelligent - the man any girl would gladly fall in love with. And I fell about him too. But I wouldn't want him to become my regular client, not at all - I want Chris to find a good girl and be happy in his private life. He deserves it! And my NY's wish just came true because of him.


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