I really like hanging out in Kiev, but it was rater nicer - the most beautiful meeting in my life!

  I met Charlie not so long ago, and from the very first minute I knew what we're going to have some fun. I prefer hanging out in Kiev with mature men because they are able to teach me and tell me about what it's like to live outside Ukraine. But to be honest, what I wanted was not talking. I prefered the attitude and appearance of Charlie from the moment I met him, so my thoughts were so on having sex with him.

  We met and then went to the Salute hotel. I've been in such hotel before and know this place a little, so I felt comfortable there. My new friend Charley was a real gentleman and we had a little talk before going to bed (luckily I'm quite fluent in English so we didn't have the barrier hard to cross). He was so gallant and genuine, so I knew what I'm going to be the one who seduces in our couple at night. But he took the initiative right before me. He was gentle and sweet, so I knew I could give it all away and just fall to him for the time we had to spend together. It started with some little kisses and turned out to be a lust blast! This nighttime was the one I will never ever want to forget about.

  It was great - having sex with Charley. It was the experience I love my work for. When you know what you're not just a body which is bought to bring the pleasure, but you're also a woman what deserved to be loved and courted. I was really loved this night, Charley was kind and gentle with me, he explored my body like it was some kind of Wonderland. And I really wanted to give the same pleasure to him, so I practiced some oral loving and left him exhausted and happy of me. We had mad, passionate sex what started from a gentle kissing, and I totally loved being in bed with Charley.

  It's hard to believe - we were together just to an hour. He was really a great client - the one I'd gladly meet from time to time. The best thing in this man is his smile and his positive attitude to life, I couldn't miss it though we spent so little together. He is smiling to everyone - even the personnel in hotel. I felt very confident and safe when I was with him, we were really into each other and I didn't feel any fear that he could possible fool me or do something I wouldn't like.

  The only thing that was wrong about me and Charlie was the lack of time. I wanted to be with him for hours, or even spend a night together. We would probably have something to talk about, so Charlie, remember - your blondie Olga is waiting for you! I would like to see you again and finish what we did that night


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