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I already have great sex - but it was much more better!

  It rained hard on the day I met Herman. I didn't want to go outside, I felt cozy and warm in my bed, and absolutely comfortable alone. But when I received a call from my agency telling me what Herman's here and waiting for me, I was happy to know I'm going to have a date with him. 'Cause after all, you know, what might  do the perfect morning much more perfect? The fact what you are going to have great sex in the evening! So I quickly turned to my daily beauty routine - had a shower, washed my hair and made it look gorgeous, had a makeup and covered my body with extra-tasty-smelling lotion. My last detail were stockings - I know men are mad about stockings and I hoped Herman wouldn't be the first exception I've ever met.

  I met Herman in Dnepr hotel. It was fascinating acquaintance! He was kind of shy and I saw what he doesn't know how to act with a girl like me. Well, I had to do things work out, so I decided to become his sweet angel for one night and drive him crazy. I tried to talk to Herman, but lack of English didn't help to make it happen. So, I thought the last thing - let my body talk. When we came to the suite, I offered him a show I knew he hasn't seen in his life. I got naked fast and offered him what I wanted to give - all my loving. I can be very passionate and might be very gentle - it depends on the male I'm with. German sure wanted me to be a little wild, so I turned out to be a tigress, the one who could tear him apart.

  I enjoyed kissing his body and feeling him inside of me. The way we made love to each other was terrific - I couldn't think of anything except the beautiful way we two combined in one. I really love all of my clients, but sometimes I meet special men what make me feel like a natural woman. Honestly we wanted to spend only one hour together, but then German decided to make it a little longer and I was happy of that. That extra hour we changed the roles all the time - he was pleasing me and I was pleasing (and teasing) him.

  The best part about German was how passionate this male turned out to be. He was so shy from the first minute, but I couldn't predict how sexy he was going to be. When I left German, I wanted to get back and continue having sex with him.

  So, that day the rain fell from morning till evening. But yes, now I know, that having crazy sex with some handsome man can make you feel more comfortable and so cooler, than lying in bed and reading a book. Even when it rains cats and dogs!


pussy from GIA


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