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Story of Blonde escort from Kiev

My name is Emma. I am a beautiful, sultry lady, but  I always dreamed of being bolder, always ready to surrender to passion and madness at any moment. But I had to fight with myself and overcome my own shyness. It all started when I was a teenager.

As I've already said, I definitely was (and still am!) attractive and of course guys paid attention to me because I was a true blonde. I've always enjoyed being popular among them. My natural sexuality always attracted men and I enjoyed a lot of sexual affairs. However, I was ready to take it to the next level, so I became a blonde escort girl Kiev, because this job finally gave me the possibility to unleash my full potential and try something new, insane, sexy and really hot.

Once I had a client who wanted to have sex with his wife present in the house. No, he didn't want her to watch us at it; the goal was to make it look like we and we sneaked out by accident and had sex while she's nearby.

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I, blonde escort Kiev girl, was invited to one of the top city neighbourhoods. We met, had a pleasant evening, discussed a lot of topics. It felt like we were life-long friends, meeting for a dinner with some fun chat. Then they offered us to watch a movie together. That's when I realized that the fun begins now.

While the client's wife was choosing a movie for us, we crashed behind her on the couch and I realized that the very moment had come, so I began to caress his cock with my hands. Of course in absolutely no time he was hard, hot and ready for some passionate pleasures. I knew that time waits for no one and went on with oral activities.

His wife was still picking a movie for us, can you actually believe it? I was already on him and grinded on him like a hot saddle, trying to deliver maximum pleasure to him. He groped my ass with his firm hand, squeezed my buttocks. That's when I knew I am doing this right.

I continued to rhythmically move up and down. He almost groaned with pleasure, but having buried himself in my hair and putting a finger into my mouth, he kept his moan. Having his finger in my mouth made me moan with pleasure in my turn. 

We just gave in to the passion and almost forgot that there is someone nearby. Meanwhile, the search for the movie was almost finished. But we couldn't stop. I said that I need to freshen up and went to their bathroom. Of course, a "business partner" called him and he followed me immediately.

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In the bathroom on the second floor he firmly threw me over the sink and put his swollen cock right into my pussy. I felt the indescribable thrill. He brutally fucked me, and then asked me to go down on my knees so he could cum in my mouth. In a minute my mouth was already full with his cum. We were both in a certain state of euphoria for this couple of minutes. He groaned with pleasure and no longer restrained himself. I understood him well: the client got what he wanted. The peak of pleasure was reached.

For me as a blonde escort girl Kiev this kind of experience was the first one. I haven't felt pleased like this for a long time.

The client was very happy. He praised me and said he wants to make it happen again someday. Of course I was all for it.

We went back down in turns. I was surprised, but his wife haven't caught us. I pretended that my mom called me and I needed to go back home urgently. They seemed very regretful to let the guest like me go, but we exchanged our goodbyes. 

I couldn't even move for a long time when I was already in a cab. Everything inside me was still burning with desire and excitement. My heart pounded with pleasure. And I was extremely happy that my client liked everything and stayed very pleased.

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And so, this blonde escort girl from Kiev was able to make another move towards emancipation and freedom. Thank you, my dear client - I won't forget it!


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