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Interesting experience from chic lady Darina

  Hello, my dear readers, I am glad that you are looking through this page, where I would like to share my personal experience as being an escort. Of course, I have a lot of interesting things to tell you and meeting to share with you. And yes, it is possible to find out even the most intimate and sensual details and interesting facts concerning my work and meeting with different men. So let me introduce myself, my name is Darina and here I want to tell you about my meeting with one client whose name is Ashley. I must say that it was an unforgettable experience. But let's remember everything in details.

  It was the middle of the day and I was in a hurry because of my daily chorus, so I didn't expect to receive any calls or order from my clients. But at times it happens like that, and I am all the time ready to fulfill all desires and needs of men. I like my job Ukraine escort service, just like our girls do! So I received a call telling me that I must go to the meeting with a guy whose name is Ashley and I should meet him in his apartment, and the meeting will be held during four hours. I needed to leave all my things and run home to prepare myself and be ready quite fast.

  I dressed up very sexually and open, because I know that men like to see girls dressed like that. And I was waiting for the driver to pick me up and take me to the apartment where I supposed to meet Ashley. Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic and I started to nervous not to be late. Besides, that place was not in the center, so we needed to find it for quite a while, but all my problems seemed to finished there.

  As you can guess I was exhausted and frustrated hoping to meet a pleasant and nice guy who will make me forget about all of my previous worries and troubles. And my hopes were not in vain. I went upstairs and knocked the door, crossing my fingers and hoping to relax and enjoy my time spent with my client. I even closed my eyes, and when the door opened I saw a nice guy with a deep and sensual voice, asking me to come in. I touched his hand and went inside his apartment. That is where the real story begins!

  I felt like all my body was hit by the electricity, I felt the strong desire and tension all through my body. All the rest I remember just like I was in the mist or fog. I remember that we made love in different poses and we did all what we wanted and desired, for getting about any rules and limit's. These four hours were finished just like if it was only one moment, we both forgot about the time. And I forgot about all the problems! I am chic lady!


chic lady

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