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We were undressing each other without any words...

  I'm proud I'm good in English. That's making me happy, because I have the possibility of using not only body language, but the one my costumers know and understand, and can talk to me in. But something strange happen sometimes, and not long ago I met a costumer who didn't speak English. So the language communication was lost and I felt helpless. Luckily, not for too long. Want to know more? Read on!

  So, one fine august day, my agent called me with the great news - I am having some work this week! I have many clients, but last days were not so lucky to me - maybe the hot air was making people lazy and they didn't want to make it even hotter by getting highly close to a beautiful girl. So my agent from GIA escort Kiev agency told me what my client's name is Helmut. Wish I was wiser and asked her, where is he from, but I didn't. So when I met Helmutt at the first time, I was speechless in the literal sense of the word - I couldn't say a fair thing to Helmutt and he couldn't understand me. We were trying to communicate in English, but he had a German accent, and I had the Ukrainian, so it was very hard to understand each other. At the end of it all, we just thought what the body talking will do the best to us, and started undressing each other. Undressing Helmut, the male I know nothing about, was really chilling in a good sense - I wanted to give him understanding at least in only sense of this world, maybe the most physical of all.

  We had wonderful intimate. He didn't use me like most of males prefer to do - he was very tender and whispered sweet words in my ears. Well, they really sounded sweet, though they were in Deutsch and I couldn't recognize a thing. I hope I was right and Helmutt really wanted to tell me sweet words and he liked me after all. I prefered being with him - he enjoyed kissing, and we were kissing all the time - before intimate, during sex and after sex. I love men who like kissing - I am the girl who has the romantic heart, so in the end I want my men to be tender and romantic too. But some of them make me turn into wild tigress, so I become passionate and sexy. It depends on what my client wants and likes, and, to be honest, I love making men's dreams come true. But me and Helmutt - we somehow could become one for some time, and do things in bed, that each one of us loves and enjoys.

  Now I'm taking little Deutsch lessons, so when I meet Helmut other time I could say some really sweet things to him back. Just a little adding to my life, that came out from the wonderful night with my Helmut.


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