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Do you like having sex for fun? Me too... so much...

  I know what men like to tell their friends about how they met escort girls, but I think women should be equal in this right and tell about men who use their services Especially me - I have perfect costumers which I would like to show in the best possible way. One of them was called Diego, and it's kind of funny story connected to him.

  Anyway, I was told to wait to the new costumer in the hotel suite he booked to us in the center of Kiev. I prefer hotel romantic, so I didn't mind. I did not ask the agent how old was my client, all I heard was his name - Dyego. Somehow it made me think he's much upwards than me, but I did not know with sure. Anyway, I was waiting at someone older to come, and when Diego - who in fact is 29 years old - stepped into the doorway, I was kind of surprised. I didn't know he would be such young and handsome and at a second I thought it was someone else and asked him who is he and what is he doing in such suite. Then we had a laugh from it and I found out he has very mature voice, and maybe such fact made my agent and me think he is older?

  When the time of laughter passed, me and Dyego went to the bed. Kind of surprising, but I have a mannish point of view - I don't like leaving the bed thing to be done last. At first we are sexing, then we are talking and stuff. I expressed that to Diego, and he laughed and called me “male in a skirt”, adding what in fact my skirt looks really pretty on me, but the best way is to take her off. I prefer men with the sense of humor, and Dyego got it in the strongest possible way, so he really turned me on by all those jokes he made. When we finally hit the bed, it was all too well to tell you - I enjoyed every moment spent with Dyego, enjoyed loving his body and giving him mine to love.

  Having sex for fun up to two hours of three what he ordered to spend with me - it's incredible. I love the clients who like talking or just being tender to me, but I also love clients who have the possibility to spend all the time in the bed. One of the reasons to me to chose this profession was my ultimate love for sex, so Dieggo gave me something I really adored. When it was the time to say goodbye, we continued kissing so that meant we didn't want this evening to end. Well, I guess Dieggo shall have the ability to order some time with his “little passionate blonde” again, and I will be superglad to see this “young and very mature man” among my clients again. I guess we both are interested to know what will happen if we stay together for the whole night?


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