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Yulia's a great escort because she talks and behaves like a lady and acts like your real friend. You can trust her and she will help you get the highest respect ever on any meeting. She's a real person of art. Great if you want someone to escort you on the great level.

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 26
Eyes brown
Hair light brown
Height 176
Weight 55
Breasts 86 (B)
Breasts Natural
Waist 61
Hip 90
Shoe size 38
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 13
Zodiaс Scorpio
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker Yes
Flowers Eustoma
Alcohol Chardonnay
Gave birth no
Int Passport no
Bio Passport yes
English Perfect
Service for women, men


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Toys Yes
Striptease Yes
Deep Throat Yes
Massage Yes
Uniforms Yes


CIM Yes +50$
Lesbi Yes +75$
Slave Yes +60$
Double penetration Yes +200$
1 hour :200 $5572 UAH169
2 hours :300 $8358 UAH253
3 hours :350 $9751 UAH295
4 hours :400 $11144 UAH338
6 hours :500 $13930 UAH422
10 hours :750 $20895 UAH633
1 day :900 $25074 UAH760
2 days :1300 $36218 UAH1097
3 days :1800 $50148 UAH1519
Sam 04.12.2019

What costumes does she have

Answer: Julia has no costumes. There are only sex toys


That girl makes me crazy!

Will 21.12.2017

This is my third meeting with Yulia and each time i see here it gets better. This time we met in the bar of the hotel I was living in, and had a drink (few glasses of wine) and caught up like old friends having a chat. Back in the hotel room after the business end of the proceedings was concluded. Yulia got down on her knees and massaged by cock through my pants until i was hard. After that the girl removed my pants and proceeded to deep throat me slowly and repeatedly while playing with my balls, which send me to outer space. We had discussed this previously and this time when i was about to cum i pulled out of her mouth and blew my load all over her face. Yulia really gets off on this and she became so aroused that while I recovered she put on a show for me with her vibrator until she had an orgasm (I never believed I'd find an escort to do that on her own). In summary the rest of the session commenced with me going down on her until she had another orgasm. That was followed by some doggy style sesh which gave me a great view of her ass. We finished off with her being on top with me playing with and sucking her cute nipples until I exploded while inside her. She then took off the condom cleaned me up and we then had and some nice cuddles and chat and before long the 3 hour session was over. I highly recommend seeing Yulia. She will do anything within reason to give you what you are after and in truth it does feel like a genuine encounter with a lover who has a very naughty side!

Stuttgart 21.12.2017

Will, thank you my friend-this is a very interesting report.I really love girls -blondes and have long wanted to have sex with this cute girl .. but unfortunately she has only few good clear photos-on one of the photos I see how beautiful her open mouth and lips are and how beautiful her tit's and nipples ...maybe now after your report I will make a final decision.I was very excited by the first part of your really is incredibly exciting .. such a sweet ukrainian female spontaneity and naturalness and passion in sex. ,,After that the girl removed my pants and proceeded to deep throat me slowly and repeatedly while playing with my balls, which send me to outer space. We had discussed this previously and this time when i was about to cum i pulled out of her mouth and blew my load all over her face.,,- it's incredible. I envy you and I want to repeat this and blew my sperm all over her face with the charming Julia.I had an excellent sex with Pauline and other girls, good at blowjob. I really want to check out the lovely Larisa and Lera, and maybe Emma.also I would very much like to have sex with a young 18 year-old inexperienced beautiful Ukrainian girl-student.I want to fuck one of those charming but proud girls whom I see every time on the streets of Kiev when I come.When I see their smiles, their short shorts and skirts and slender beautiful legs, then my cock pours blood and I sometimes want to pounce on them right on the street .every visit to Kiev for me is a real shock.I was born in Germany and have a German passport, but my mother was from Turkey. Maybe my eastern blood burns in me.Some of these charming young ladies are ready to go with me to my apartment, but many girls on the streets and even in clubs are too proud and independent .damn!!!!but that's why I want to fuck them even harder !!I love and respect Gia and insanely want to plunge my dick into a beautiful inexperienced young Ukrainian lady and then cover her beautiful face my sperm.perhaps a this respected great agency will hear my voice and find some more beautiful young 18 year old girls for their permanent staff ..

Michael 30.10.2017

Well - It's possible Yulia does have a problem with older & short men. After reading the reply to JAMES I decided to try Yulia. Twice I made a date with her. 10 Minutes before the time for first arranged meeting (after waiting 3 hours) the office called to say “ Yulia could not make it, because of a “Taxi Problem”. Really- a taxi problem in Kiev? The second attempt to meet (one week later) was cancelled by the office 1 hour before meeting time - no explanation. I have been using this agency since they were established and have always been pleased with their ladies. Sure - they are sometimes a little late but always arrive beautiful and willing. Unfortunate things occur which may cause a cancellation. That is understandable. But twice within 7 days? this was little more than that. I hope is that this is not an indication of present and future level of service. That would be a shame!

Answer: Michael, we're sorry for your experience and we want to assure you that it has nothing to do with you or the way you are or something. Sometimes things happen and though it's not pleasing, both for us and the client, but our girls CAN actually experience taxi problems (people who live in Kiev will understand), and sometimes girls get ill or get their period. We're sure you'll get better experience next time. 

James 17.10.2017

How does Yulia feel about Older (65) and short (168cm) men?

Answer: Yulia is not opposed to meet you! :) So get a date soon! 

Fan 24.08.2017

What toys does Julia have?

Answer: as for now - dildo. Will buy more of toys with time, and of course you can always buy some especially for your date! 

JD 18.08.2017

Hi Would it be possible to meet here in Vienna for a week?

Answer: Yulia doesn't have an international passport unfortunately, but you can contact our manager and figure if there's a way to make it happen. 

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