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Veronika - We recommended!!!

Dancing queen, beautiful and sexy young escort Veronika will drive you crazy with just her looks. She is shy and naive... at the first look. But you will find a whole new world in her, she is not what she seems - Veronika is attractive, sexy and funny. Best choice for everyone!

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 24
Eyes gray
Hair light brown
Height 170
Weight 50
Breasts 90 (C)
Breasts Implants
Waist 60
Hip 90
Shoe size 37
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 21
Zodiaс Leo
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Flowers Roses
Alcohol White Wine, Dry Wine
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport yes
English Perfect
Service for men


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob depends on person
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Deep Throat Yes
Massage Yes


Domination Yes +50$
Slave Yes +60$
G-rain give Yes +50$
Video shooting Yes +500$
30 min :170 $4862 UAH144
1 hour :250 $7150 UAH212
2 hours :350 $10010 UAH297
3 hours :450 $12870 UAH382
4 hours :550 $15730 UAH467
6 hours :700 $20020 UAH594
10 hours :1000 $28600 UAH849
1 day :1200 $34320 UAH1018
2 days :1800 $51480 UAH1528
3 days :2400 $68640 UAH2037
4 days :3000 $85800 UAH2546
5 days :3500 $100100 UAH2970
6 days :3900 $111540 UAH3310
7 days :4300 $122980 UAH3649
O 29.08.2020

Absolutely perfect. Her smile alone made my day. She is the type of woman you’d love to get to know on an intimate level, and the brief time I did get to know her left me wanting more. What a beauty! Plus, a great conversationalist with a charming personality.

ivanka 06.06.2020

She looks like Ivanka Trump, can you change her name to Ivanka? I will see her multiple times

Answer: No.

Sam 17.01.2018

Which uniforms does she have?

Answer: a lot of different beautiful lingerie. 

Daniel 14.01.2018

Will there be any new pictures of this beauty?

Answer: we uploaded new ones, come see! 

Tim 12.09.2017

Out of 10 or so GIA ladies that agreed to share their time with me, Veronika was the only one Who avoided kissing, - with or without tongue. She's a human being indeed, therefore I didn't ask why, even though announced services didn't indicate "kissing at will". Sex was good though, I didn't mind covered blowjob, no regrets. Still IMHO Maryanna stating upfront "kissing at will", or Inessa refusing to kiss altogether, is honest, and in fact intrigue much more. Customers are human beings too, and have freedom to choose. Sincerity goes a long way. If you want a great kisser - choose Elvira, she is a lot of fun in many ways. Kristina is tender and passionate, she can kiss for long long long time, unforgettable young lady!

Answer: just a quick note that Inessa doesn't refuse to kiss, it was a mistake on page that is now corrected. 

Tallinn 09.09.2017

It was third time to meet Veronika and everything was in top quality as before year ago. I had already very good memories of this girl but this time she was even more gorgerous and nicely dressed like real sexy lady. She loves to talk and has very positive attitude to life. Lovely face, nice attitude, fit body, dressing, beautiful eyes - everything is perfect with this girl. Veronika is very special sweet girl and perfect companion if someone is looking for nice GFE evening. P.S. I don't understand complaining here about Veronicas condom policy or kissing. Even after paying money, she is still human being (like we all) and has freedom to choose what to do and what not. In my experience (with any GIA girl), if You are nice to girl (attitude, flowers, take care hygiene etc.) then you will also treated back like real man.

Charles 25.11.2016

I will travel to Kiev soon and I kind ask Gia to mark what girls frenck kiss and what girls not. It's really disapointing to read something in the profile and during the meeting to realize it's not true

Answer: if the "kissing with tongue" option is marked as available on a girl's profile, then it's the highest possibility you will get it, but there ARE exceptions to ANY rule, because we work with people. If option isn't marked as available - then you will DEFINITELY not get it, but the availability means 97-98% of getting it. There are things like personal hygiene, personal sympathy, attitude towards girl and so on. 

Tim 24.11.2016

Please change - Veronika doesn't kiss with tongue. Guess it depends. Good in bed, somewhat condescending in conversation. Perhaps she had reservations about kissing, yet most of the GIA ladies don't, and few that do honestly state so upfront.

Answer: we can't guarantee that the girl will choose to french kiss every client, it depends on so many factors unfortunately. 

Francesco45 27.10.2016

really fantastic girl in this photos. it does blowjob only in a condom ?? if she is not ready to suck my dick without a condom then I can ask her to suck and lick my balls? It possible or no? thanks for the answer. I have several times used the services of Gia and I can say that this is the best agency in Central and Eastern Europe .it may not be the most experienced girls in Europe , but they are amazingly beautiful. Ukraine and Gia the best )

Francesco45 27.10.2016

it does blowjob only in a condom ?? if she is not ready to suck my dick without a condom then I can ask her to suck and lick my balls? It possible or no? thanks for the answer.

Answer: only a lady decides. It depends a lot on how you look and behave, so you can have a shot of getting what you want, but final decision is up to her. 

Tallinn 25.07.2016

Because all my other favorites girls were busy this Saturday, manager recommended Veronika. So I meet Veronika first time and I am amazed, how beautiful, energetic and nice this girl actually is. She was very nicely dressed, very optimistic and full of energy. She talks a lot, but as intelligent girl, it was pleasure to argue many themes. I enjoyed every moment with her and she provided best GFE in my life. I liked her so much, that we met again already at next day (Sunday) morning before I fly away from Kiev. Thank You, Veronika, for these wonderful moments together and hopefully we meet soon again!

Frank 10.06.2016

The most humble, sweetest, nicest girl I've ever met. I can't believe I met this precious angel in the escort service. She provides very special GFE. She's very caring. Sex is good, but it's about her personality. That's what makes her special. She's really sweet, she can stay up with you all night even if she seems tired and she will never make you think she's bored of you. This girl is the cutest and the nicest little thing, and I appreciate her so much. Even though her english is... like... even lower than intermediate level, I've taken her to escort me numerous times and all my friends and partners are completely charmed by this beauty. Thanks Veronica. My foolish heart melts with you. Frank.

Javier 13.07.2015

Hello Gia. You are for sure the best agencie in Kiev. I am 39 years and wander if Veronika could meet a guy from my age... Regards

Answer: Thank you. Yes, she's really want to meet you. Please, call our manager.

jake gyllenhaal 04.06.2015

really good

Jim 09.03.2015

Veronika was shy before, but now she's not. I have met her when she had old pictures, maybe a year ago or more, and now she's really different. She looksdifferent (better, more glamorous maybe) and behaves like a pro. She's not a shy girl anymore, but she's still a good lady to join to have a great evening or night. She is more professional and more of a giver than before and she found out how to have satisfaction out of her job. So now you can have really nice time with her. I enjoyed my stay and I was in awe of her improved skills. Now she's a proper escort.

Fr..... 15.01.2015

Again my date with Veronika on monday was wonderful. To be honest, she is the sexiest girl I've ever met. We had so much fun and I hope it was a nice experience for her as well. Take good care of her. She is an angel.

Bob 31.10.2014

Veronika is good and really timid. She's not full of herself and not self-concentrated at all. She asks the client about his likes and dislikes at the very beginning of the meeting to give better service, and she remembers it. I took her two times and she remembered me, it was really pleasant. She has her own interests in sex, she loves it when man is good and nice to her and when he says nice words, so I tried to give it to her. As the result, we both had great time together.

Colin 29.04.2014

Met Veronika - well, she really can dance, she dances striptease like a pro and I was turned on easily with the way she dances. Very hot and sensual girl, very beautiful, but yet too shy. I tried for some time to turn her on and I succeed, but I think few men won't appreciate the shyness of this girl. She's more of a date, than an escort lady. It feels like you're in love for the first time and you're doing it with your girlfriend.

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