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Magical and young, this special lady is only for special men. She can make you absolutely happy with her body and her mind. Vasilisa loves being active, loves oral sex and is fond of communicating. She is beautiful and she is a perfect escort for everyone.

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 18
Eyes blue-grey
Hair light brown
Height 165
Weight 49
Breasts 88
Waist 62
Hip 87
Shoe size 37
Dress size 34
Pussy Shape 21
Zodiaс Leo
Smoker Yes
Flowers Daisies
Alcohol Vermouth
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport yes


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob with condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Massage Yes


Lesbi Yes +75$
Couples Yes +50%
Slave Yes +60$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Double penetration Yes +200$
1 hour :300 $8154 UAH274
2 hours :400 $10872 UAH365
3 hours :500 $13590 UAH456
4 hours :600 $16308 UAH547
6 hours :800 $21744 UAH730
10 hours :1000 $27180 UAH912
1 day :1200 $32616 UAH1094
2 days :1800 $48924 UAH1642
3 days :2400 $65232 UAH2189
4 days :3000 $81540 UAH2736
7 days :4500 $122310 UAH4104
James 20.10.2017

Sorry - I don't understand - Double penetration offered with toy only. So toy for back passage and normal penetration from the front end only? WTF?

Answer: yes, that's the way it is. 

anonymous-USA 19.10.2017

Does Vasilisa offer Anal? I see she offers double penetration so, I guess she does anal?

Answer: double penetration is with toy only. She doesn't offer anal. 

jack 14.10.2017

could you plese explain what "slave" means. i like submissive services but i need to know what you mean by this - not interested in BDSM but in submissive services. thank you

Answer: it means light submission - not BDSM services, but just being dominant and slightly aggressive towards a girl. Like, light spanking, hair pulling etc. 

Tim 13.10.2017

Can management please edit out irrelevant flaming, and keep only meaningful info about how gorgeous, pleasant and incomparable Vasilisa is, - in bed and outside? Musti can call the management, pre-pay the lavish accommodations at Taj-Mahal Palace Hotel + 300% insurance rate for company of this Lady, and then Vasilisa will decide: "Naaaaah! Thank you, wish I could go to Mumbai with you, yet I am booked 6 months forward, and enjoying it )"

Answer: we'll leave it as a reminder for a future generations to only note the gorgeousness of ladies and their worthiness of Taj Mahal :)

M 12.10.2017

Hello. Can she travel to London between 26-29 oct 2017.

Answer: ukrainians need a special visa for UK, if you're ready to pay for the express visa and all the travelling expenses, please contact our manager. 

Kaushik 11.10.2017

It seems that I have triggered a heated debate about Vasilisa's travel to India.Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and safe for all types of women.Also why would I need to rape if I can afford to pay 1800 USD + air ticket for Vasilisa's travel.Also a person like me do not travel with the common crowd where stampede can happen.I would treat Vasilisa like a princess and take good care of her.

Mike 29.09.2017

Rape and stampede perhaps occur due to the same mindset: They don't care about other people. I read these two words in the news more from India than anywhere else. Vasilisa would not even be able to leave Mumbai. Please wait to send her to foreign countries until she gains more experience in escort. I enjoyed meeting with her in Kiev, but she had more experience in sex than in escort, if you know what I mean. :)

Mike 22.09.2017

I call India uncivilized. And it is not just from my personal experiences. Come on, how can you call the country where that kind of rape happens on daily basis so civilized? I want to say that I am not surprised that that kind of rape happens in India because of my personal experiences with many Indian men, where they disregard the welfare of others completely, lying freely and pretending to be nice at the same time. It is lamentable that India will soon become the most populated country in the world. I am not saying that every single Indian man is like that. Indeed I have known some outstanding Indian men, too. Just look at who head Microsoft and Google (not Alphabet) today. If someone cannot see that India is uncivilized, it is most likely because he is equally uncivilized.

Answer: please remember that you're chatting in the place where people want to read reviews about girls. So please, guys, stop the geopolitical war and enjoy ladies :) 

bloody ivan 22.09.2017

cannot agree with Mike anymore. india is definitely uncivilized country. this country is ruled by religion instead of civilized law.women are badly discrimininated there. a big portion of barbaric Indian men are ready to rape any girl under the reason that just bad women walk alone in night. so donot send cute ukraines girls there. there is high likelihood she will be a victim of rapers. please manager donot do that. FROM A MAN WHO STAYED INDIAN FOR TWO MONTHS

Answer: we understood you, but we kindly ask our beloved clients to keep the comments section free for discussing ladies. We thank you for wanting to save our girls though. 

Musti 20.09.2017

Mike, yes I am happy living with the cows and any kind of animal. Let me answer your questions: Well the ethical fact you're lacking of is the fact that you can't judge a whole country no matter what experience you had with them. This is a sign of racism and lack of education level in your civilized country. I have nice experiences with my Indian friends. When it comes to cultural side, unfortunately not every woman has the same rights and freedom all over the world. This has an effect on how the society treats women. I believe, this has to change. However, you cannot just get away by saying they're not civilized. You should try to study the cultural/economical and sociological facts, what makes a society different than others. By the way a 18 year old girl can legally vote, drive, think, decide and fuck, at least in civilized countries. I will not respond you again.

Mike 19.09.2017

Musty, If you want to argue, please back up your statements with some reasons. Writing correct and complete sentences would also help. What cultural facts am I lacking, please? I spoke from my personal experience with dealing with them and am sure Indian women would agree with me. Speaking of ethics, it's ethically wrong to send an 18 y.o. girl alone to India no matter what the purpose is. Apparently you deserve to share the world with cows, so please enjoy!

Mike 18.09.2017

I understand that this is not a forum to discuss the state of India, but a client could offer his idea on how the service should be run, especially when it concerns the safety of their lady? It is not at all correct to determine the state of civilization by what happens to tourists. Look what's happening to all the women in India. Just Google it. Of course the cause of the problem is the upbringing and the resulting behavior of men there. Many are appallingly selfish (by the standard of civilized countries) and show no concerns for well-being of others. If he insists India is civilized, a bad sign! Besides, who wants to go to Goa where cows roam on the beach???

Musti 18.09.2017

Hey Mike, what an embarrassing man you're. It doesn't matter how civilized the country you're living in, you lack of general ethical and cultural facts. Cows are very beautiful animals by the way. You just don't deserve to share the same world with them.

Kaushik 17.09.2017

Vasilisa is indeed too young & very beautiful and it seems some of the GIA clients are getting possessive about her. Please note that 9 million foreign tourists visited India in 2016 and one or two bad personal experiences does not make a whole country uncivilized. Vasilisa is most welcome in India and a sweetheart like her only deserves to be loved, pampered and treated with great care. I think visiting India at this young age would be a great learning experience for her too.

MIke 15.09.2017

Come on! Do not send her to India! I saw her last week. She is too genuine, sweet and naive to go to India! India is too uncivilized a country for her to go. Send your manager there first to see how horrible it is! Vasilisa may not come back or come back completely battered.

Kaushik 10.09.2017

Why can't we see clear face pics of this lovely girl ? Also can i invite her to come to Mumbai and we travel to Goa together ??

Answer: because of confidentiality. You won't be able to see her face, but if you make a prepayment for tour or if you're one of our CONSTANT clients, our manager will send you pictures to see her face. Please e-mail our manager to make an order on your tour, it's possible. 

Alex 07.08.2017

Hi, it is not clear now about ability to travel to Europe. For example, would it be possible to invite Vasilisa to Germany..? Thanks!

Answer: it is possible, just not in the nearest future. Until September 2017, her time is fully booked in Kiev. 

Pat 05.08.2017

Cup (C), are you sure ?

Answer: Yes.

Evan 31.07.2017

Hello I would like to ask if the girls who make oral with condom can lick balls. Thank you

Answer: yes, some of girls do that, but some not. But the main issue about it is the client's hygiene and the hair question. 

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