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This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore

Are you tired of girls who are promiscuous but that's all they do? Then you definitely need to meet me! I can guarantee you one thing - bright time spending, and relax which you have waited long for! Get what you deserve with me! I am your naughty and playful escort lady from Kiev. 

Creative anal practices I can offer my clients:

  • CUSTOMARY ANAL PRACTICE (usual anal service price);
  • KUNDALINI ANAL. Protracted orgasm anal practice. I won't let you cum for about an hour, keeping you aroused. Playing with your orgasm and giving you the unreal kundalini ejection when you're ready. It's the ejection of the whole lot of men's energy (170$, min. 2 hours of this service, because it needs arranging);
  • EXTREME ANAL PRACTICE. Anal sex without any boundaries: in different poses, upside down or during the leg split (170$);
  • DOUBLE PENETRATION. Double penetration featuring the toy I'll take with me (usual service price).

I develop new skills all the time. Now I've learned a new massage technique for you - LINGAM MASSAGE.  It will help you forget about daily stresses, forget about your frustrations and fears, relax you and give you true satisfaction.  It's one of the oldest indian techniques for relaxation and satisfaction. You can dive into pleasure with my professional linga massage, it will help you develop all the arousal phases.This is the additional service. You can combine it with kundalini anal or practice it on it's own. The price is 50$. 

Pegging (Strapon) service. More info about pegging here

 In order to get one of additional services, you need to tell the manager that you'd like it before the meeting, so I can take all my accessories with me.

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Age 37
Eyes brown
Hair black
Height 170
Weight 54
Breasts 95 (D)
Breasts Implants
Waist 66
Hip 93
Shoe size 37
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 10 ?
Zodiaс Aquarius
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker Yes
Flowers Any
Alcohol White Dry Wine
Gave birth yes
Bio Passport yes
English Good ?
Service for men


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Toys Yes
Striptease Yes
Deep Throat Yes
Massage Yes
Strapon Yes
Uniforms Yes
Prostate Massage Yes

Extra Charges ?

CIM Yes +50$
CIM&Swallow Yes +100$
Anal Yes +150$
Lesbi Yes +100$
Couples Yes +50%
Domination Yes +50$ ?
G-rain give Yes +50$
Rimming Yes +50$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Double penetration Yes +200$
Video shooting Yes +500$
1 hrs: 150$ 100$
2 hrs: 220$ 170$
3 hrs: 300$ 250$
4 hrs: 400$ 350$
6 hrs: 500$ 450$
10 hrs: 600$ 550$
1 day: 800$ 750$
2 days: 1200$ 1150$
3 days: 1600$ 1550$
4 days: 2000$ 1950$
7 days: 3200$ 3150$

*Offer till  15.12.2020

O 29.08.2020

Full of life, positive sexual energy, and passionate. I was caught off guard by how much she enjoyed our time together. Best escort experience I’ve ever had.

Al 05.04.2020

This is just an amazing girl. I really liked the massage.

babi 08.02.2020

The best i ever had !!!!!!

Larry 30.12.2019

My experience with this woman was incredible. Valeria is a dream. A very very good dream. She knew how to turn me on in seconds and was smooth and easy for her. Super sweet genuine girl with perfect skills and fantastic talents. Definitely the best provider I have seen and one of the best escort girls I have ever had. She’s very sweet and conversational as well. One of my favorite girls for sure. Looking forward to seeing her again.

versatile 29.12.2019

can I Play with her ass by finger?

Answer: yes

Nick 25.10.2019

This hottie can make you cum about 5 times in hour! I don’t know how she do it, but that's incredible feeling..

W 22.09.2019

Will Valeria also have fun with y girlfriend while i participate ?

Answer:no, she has no couple service

Aaron 18.03.2019

Valeria is adorable lady and with beautiful curves. I got some super massage of all my body. She didn’t seem too shy and I liked that she was very easy. I didn’t mind that she was a bit late. She looks according to her age. I felt very active from the first minute when I saw her on the bed. Her body is soft and feels very firm when I went on it. I don’t want to get too personal, because there is no need to convince that she is great. I hope that our paths will also cross next time.


I've met Valeria many times before, and this meeting was an unforgettable one - like meeting an old ex after some time, when she got only more beautiful and way hotter. She's VERY experienced, and I mean it - she can satisfy absolutely anyone. Any man will be seduced by her, once and for all, she will make you nuts about her. Her body is finely made with the help of surgeons, but you don't feel it when you're with her. She's just heavenly - EVERYTHING you can possibly want from an escort. A little bit of crazy also - but I think that's really good to be quite honest ;)

Alex 23.03.2018

Where she labs? And can you provide selfies?

Answer: labs are in the same place they usually are, and no, at the time we can't provide selfies (Valeria actually has a video, which is better than selfies). 

Mike 22.03.2018

Does Valeria do group sex with 2 guys?

Answer: all the services the girl offers are mentioned on her page. 

Martin 20.05.2017

Hello, what is the conditions for video shooting with Valeria? (Duration, face visible or not, with phone or camera allowed, etc.)

Answer: Any duration you like. You're paying for her time and extra for video shooting (the fixed price). Face can be visible, just with dark glasses or a band covering eyes and eye area. Phone, camera - you choose. 


I love you! Amazing Valeri!


Beautiful lady! Can she travel to Norway ?

Answer: No, Only Kiev.

question for service 23.04.2017

can I play role games with Valeria and as part of rolegame give her submissive orders and do special kind of punishment (no spanking, ... just things like holding naughty position, presentation of body, ....)

Answer: Yes, possible!

Jay 22.04.2017

Can i film Valeria having Hard Double Anal Sex with me and toy ? Wich girl do do you recomend to have anal sex along with Vaaleria ?

Answer: you can have double penetration with a toy and Valeria DOES NOT offer lesbi show, so she does not work with girls. 

adel 05.04.2017

Valeria practice anal without a condom?

Answer: Are you joking? NO!!!

Dani 22.02.2017

I am looking for Valeria as a Lady in Furs....I love furry Lady rapping me. What would be possible in this scenario?

Answer: Yes, possible.

Emil 17.02.2017

What are those new toys Valeria has shown recently?? They look like nail polish bottles. Can she teach me how to use them??:) Eager to be taught....

Answer: Valeria can take ALL OF HER TOYS and teach you how to use every one of them :)

Poland 16.12.2016

She is beautiful amazing lady Very sexy. Sex was amazing

Andre 03.10.2016

The best one who I try in Ukraine! She really love sex! Very friendly and open! Intelligence girl with beautiful body! Thank you for nice holiday in Kiev!!!!you are real lady !


How does travel with her work. Would like 7 days in 5 star resort in mexico

Answer: it will hard for Valeria to spend more than 3 days in the unknow place with the man she sees for the first time... I recommend you to look for someone else, some girls in our agency will gladly escort you on your trip.  

If I was to travel there and have date with her and she like me. Would she then travel with me. She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I asked previous question about travel to Mexico for 7 days.

Answer: e-mail our manager and maybe we'll make it happen. We'll do our best though. 


Will she play with her asshole using dildo?

Answer: Yes.

George 24.04.2016

Hi Does Valeria Play with Katja !

Answer: Yes.

Rob 13.04.2016

Will Ilona and Valeria play together and have dinner with me?

Answwer: Yes :)

Rick 16.01.2016

Valeria you absolutely sound perfect for me. I would love you to use your toys on me my dear. Those nipple clamps look so hot and definitely want you to use the strap on.

jack 16.11.2015

does valeria receive reverse deepthroat in edge of sofa?

Answer: Yes, it's possible. She loves experimenting and doing different things in order to make sex brighter, so if you want something special, she's just what you need.

Jay 21.10.2015

Will Valeria have oral sex with another model from the agency like Varvara?

Answer: yes, it's possible.

Peter 26.09.2015

Are toys extra ?

Answer: No.

Jim 21.09.2015

Is it possible to invite Valeria with another girl from your agency for 2-3 hours and have threesome, anal with Valeria and for her to play with her toys?

Answer: yes, possible.

George 09.09.2015

Can she take me video while having sex with my girl friend?

Answer: sorry, no.

Juju 05.09.2015

Does she travel?

Answer: Yes.

Simon 24.08.2015

Does Valeria has children's? 

Answer: yes, she has child.

Noyan 19.08.2015

Does she speak enough English for mutual communication at long meetings?

Answer: Her english level is not enough to communicate thoroughly. She can have small talks, and she understands English quite well, but it's uneasy for Valeria to speak English. You can use online translator.

Jim 03.08.2015

Does Valeria love BDSM? Does she have equipment for that? Does she has strapon? I would like to have hard sex with her next week.

Answer: Valeria offers BDSM services and she's really into hard sex, so you will stay satisfied. She has a lot of different sex toys, including BDSM equipment. And yes, she owns a strapon. So you can book a date and try her on your own, you'll be pleased to find out the quality of services she provides :)

Paul 26.07.2015

will Valeria allow to make private video with her?

Answer: No.

jesper 21.07.2015

whats incluede in the term slave ?

Answer: light domination.

Yuri 15.07.2015

Does Valeria has natural tit's? Does she has strapon and other tools for playing?

Answer: Her tit's not natural. Also she has strapon and toys.

ADMIN 12.07.2015

Valeria  Tit's

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