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Nina - We recommended!!!


This absolutely beautiful girl is a real stars booty! This escort lady is yet a newbie in our business and on this site, but soon she will definitely become one of the most popular sex models in the industry of Kiev! Be the first to try her while shes not yet popular! Nina can escort you on the trip abroad up to 4 days.

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

Ask our manager for the password to unlock the unretouched pictures!
Age 25
Eyes grey-green
Hair brown
Height 174
Weight 55
Breasts 88 (B)
Breasts Natural
Waist 60
Hip 92
Shoe size 39
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 8
Zodiaс Gemini
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Flowers Any
Alcohol Doesn't do alcohol
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport yes
English Perfect
Service for women, men


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


CIM Yes +50$
Anal Yes +130$
Lesbi Yes +75$
Rimming Yes +50$
1 hrs: 300$ 250$
2 hrs: 400$ 350$
3 hrs: 500$ 450$
4 hrs: 600$ 550$
6 hrs: 800$ 750$
10 hrs: 1000$ 950$
1 day: 1200$ 1150$
2 days: 1800$ 1750$
3 days: 2400$ 2350$
4 days: 3000$ 2950$
7 days: 4300$ 4250$

*Offer till  15.07.2020

Captivated 02.11.2019

It's not just me who knows that feeling of unexpectedly meeting the gaze of a stranger so beautiful that I only timidly smile while trying to regain my composure. Now imagine the feeling when that stranger smiles back and introduces herself, and I realize that we will be spending an evening together. Any idea I had of how no longer applied at this point. Nina gently and imperceptibly took control of our evening with true feminine grace and sophistication. Her personality is complex and stimulatingly enigmatic that was a joy to experience.

Diego 21.10.2019

Intelligent, beautiful, with a great sense of humor ... It's so hard not to fall in love with Nina..

Jean 23.01.2019

Charming cutie with nice legs and strong butts. She has the classic, thin and proportional look that attracted me a lot. Good service, she knows what to do, easily adaptive to man’s requests. She speaks good English and has brains, so is interesting not for the bedtime only.

Aurelio 21.01.2019

I like this girl a lot because it seems to me she has something very special deeply inside, like a spark in the night. Exactly this spark makes each our meeting completely new and exciting putting me on waiting for the trip to Ukraine where I could meet her. So lovely, sweet, smart and friendly. We always have something to talk about. She is the real lady and the hottest star of this agency for me.

Lisa 19.08.2018

Hello would Nina have sex with an old woman?

Answer: Yes, she would.

Tallinn 11.05.2018

I was once again happy to meet with gorgeous Nina this week. She is real star of this agency, beautiful and very nice personality. Dresses elegantly, behaves like lady and has such wonderful smile. We have met some times earlier already, but every time there is something new to discover about her. She is educated and there is a lot to talk with her. I enjoyed every moment with her and am already looking for next possibility to fly again to Kiev...

Tom 06.03.2018

I'd like to invite Nina to a session with another lady. Is there a specific lady she prefers to have lesbi show with?

Answer: she can work with absolutely any girl and doesn't prefer someone specific to work with, so just invite her with someone you like. 

Henri 10.01.2018

Is it correct that the fee for Nina (as well as other girls) has risen by USD 50-100/hour as of 2018?

Answer: some girls were on the long period discount, now they are out of it, so the price is back to normal and it's higher than the discounted one. 

Jim 11.12.2017

Wanted a sure win so went and saw the lovely Nina, as she has A LOT of reviews, a lot of positive ones and she looks like she's someone made just for me - my type of girl in terms of looks. Got treated like a real king by this babe, from the very nice shower, towels and a fantastic bbbj as an entree, and then we were just naturally moving to the bed, face fucking and into a 69. No gagging, nice and slippery, really enthusiastic. We feasted on each other for a good 30 minutes without breaks, then on to the main event, started with her riding cowgirl, missionary, spooning, and finishing in the mouth (I didn't really like that she doesn't swallow but I knew she doesn't sooo the blame is on me only, anyway thanks for having it in her mouth at least?) Great girl.

Jonny 27.09.2017

I had booked Nina for this weekend but health tests are frequently out-of-date as it is the case with Nina (from June...).

Answer: we renew health tests once in 5-6 months, We mentioned and answered earlier why it's pointless to do them more often. 

Rick 01.05.2017

How do I request to see her face. I'm quite new to this. Can you please help?

Answer: e-mail us and we will give you the password to see pictures or send them to you directly. 

Dan 28.11.2016

A while ago when I wanted to invite 2 GIA girls and see them have oral with each other, I was told Nina is not giving oral to other ladies. Is this still the case now? Is she OK with another girl giving her oral? is there someone specific she's OK with?

Answer: Nina is not bisexual by nature, she's fine with having sex with girls now and professional about it. If you like her, you can invite her with a girl of your choice and she will try to entertain your wishes. 

Phil 02.09.2016

Nina is the best one, the girl I've spent so many nights with, and I have a pretty good reason for this. She's not only a prostitute, but rather a girl you want to talk to, a partner, a person who can comfort you and offer you some human emotion (which is a rare thing even among your friends). She can get pretty hardcore if you want her too, but as for herself and her preferences she loves passionate but not really hard sex, so I try to get down with her on her rhythm and make our rhythms match. This is the best way to get not only a sex service, but some dose of unforgettable pleasure with this one.

Ben 27.07.2016

Hi, Rimming for Client or only for her?

Answer: all the girls are allowing clients to give rimming to them and it's for free. If she has an additional rimming service mentioned on her page, it meens she gives rimming to client. For additional payment. 

Ken 05.07.2016

I plan on inviting Nina and Emma for 2-3 hours. They both have Lesbi service but I want to make sure they are OK with giving oral sex to each other. Will that be okay with them?

Answer: OK

Ken 21.06.2016

Is it possible to invite Nina with any girl that have Lesbi service and have them perform oral sex with each other?

Answer: Yes, of course it's possible, it's a part of lesbi show. But you have to choose a girl who offers lesbi show services.

Dave 23.04.2016

How long ahead of time do I need to call the manager to invite Nina for 1-2 days?

Answer: Please call 1 day before the meeting.

Dave 21.04.2016

If I invite Nina for 2 days does it includes all extras that Nina offers?

Answer: All of the extras are offered for additional prices. But you can discuss it with our manager, and we can think of some kind of discount for you. 

Tallinn 18.03.2016

I was with Nina yesterday. Really beautiful and nice girl. I have seen already some girls here but she is without doubt the best of this agency. Thank You and see You soon...

Ken 08.03.2016

Is it possible to invite Nina and Ilona together next Tuesday? Will they perform oral with each other?

Answer: Yes, possible.

And they will perform oral sex on each other?

Answer:  Yes.

Tallinn 06.03.2016

Meet Nina last year, very good and nice girl. I am happy she is back now. I definitely want to be with her again. Is she available on 16-20 March? Will Nina also give rimming to man?

Answer: as for now, she is free for those dates. You can see if she does rimming or any other service on her page. If the service isn't mentioned among those she offers, she doesn't offer it.  

Marty 24.01.2016

Does lesbi service with another model from the agency includes kissing with tongue fingering and oral sex with each other?

Answer: it includes everything you need to get turned on immediately, and don't forget you can also participate, not only watch! Our girls perform the HOTTEST lesbi shows ever. They all work together just fine, some of them are really attracted to others, and it's guaranteed that you'll get the hottest, max. erotic show when you can not only look, but also touch etc. And they do everything with each other, not only kiss and hug, but really perform oral. They can both perform oral on you and that'll be the brightest sex memory of your life, be sure! 

Bill 15.01.2016

Can we see a photo of the front of Nina's body and with her breast?

Answer: you can ask such photos by email .

John 12.01.2016

Are these images of Nina updated? Is that what she looks like now?

Answer: she looks identical to the pictures. In few days we're gonna add her new pictures from everyday's life, without any retouching. 

Dan 26.08.2015

What does Nina's SLAVE service includes? Can I tie her? Can I spank her ass and breast?

Answer: Slave service with ANY girl includes only light domination. You can tie and spank her, but only in the lightest form possible. If you're up to hard domination, that'll cost you extra 200$ and you need to ask a manager who can offer you this service the day you're asking for it.

Amir 28.07.2015

HI , could you get my hello to Nina , and tell her, Amir has fallen in love to her ? I am really like Nina , she is inside my heart. I will come back to Kiev for her soon. Thanks a lot sincerely yours Amir

eddie 23.07.2015

Do you have picture of Nina's breast?

Answer: Yes, we have. Please contact manager by e-mail abd she will send you her pics.

Amir 20.07.2015

Just Nina , She is model , sexiest , high level , clever . I think her picture must publish on the first page of the beauty magazine . I think ,God makes her very carful and minutes . I really love you Nina . Don't forget me please. Amir

Amir 18.07.2015

I have fallen in love Nina because you are my angel and I will never forget you , you are amazing , beautiful , sexy , model , with kindness and lovely mood . i love you Amir

Almadovar 25.04.2015

This is a classy lady who came on time, was soft and delicate, very clean and made to please a man. That is until we got in bed, then she was wild, just as I asked her to be more aggressive and take the initiative, sort of role playing where she conquered me! That she did. Beautiful body, great curves she is in shape! IF we met under other conditions, this is a girl I want to introduce to my family and friends and marry her LOL. I am happy I can see her on my trips to Kiev, such a delicate flower that turns wild on my command! A dream come true! Thank you beauty


Beauty, good girl

Federico 26.09.2014

I like new pictures of Nina and I also like that they made me to finally write a review about her. I'm her regular client for such a long term. Guess we met about 7 or 8 times. I also tried other girls, but they made me come back to this sweet birdie. I love these new photos more than all those that were downloaded to her page before. They show you the true way how Nina looks. She is beautiful and fresh, same way as on those pictures. She smiles rarely but this smile is worth a lot. She loves sex and she loves when men are tender to her. She can try hardcore sex and we tried it two times, but I love bringing pleasure to her, not only to myself. And she is fond of tender sex (at least with me). She was never late and always behaved well with me. I never felt like I was her client. She treated me like a real man who courts and dates her. She gave me a privilege to feel myself loved and adored by this tender little petal of rose. Thank you Nina.

Pedro 08.05.2014

Excuse me, do you have any photo of nina breast?

Answer: I can send her pics by e-mail. Write me at

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