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This girl is good in everything! Maryanna is really positive, she's nice, young, fragile and feminine. You will feel high with her all the time. It's impossible to resist charms of Masha! Her pussy is shaved clean.

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 20
Eyes brown
Hair brown
Height 161
Weight 50
Breasts 85 (B)
Waist 65
Hip 93
Shoe size 36
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 6
Zodiaс Aries
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker Yes
Flowers Roses
Alcohol White Dry Wine, Champagne
Gave birth no
Int Passport no
Bio Passport yes
English No


Kissing depends on person
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


CIM Yes +50$
CIM&Swallow Yes +80$
Lesbi Yes +75$
Couples Yes +50%
Group 2per. Yes +50%
1 hour :200 $5380 UAH179
2 hours :300 $8070 UAH269
3 hours :350 $9415 UAH313
4 hours :400 $10760 UAH358
6 hours :500 $13450 UAH448
10 hours :750 $20175 UAH671
1 day :900 $24210 UAH806
2 days :1300 $34970 UAH1164
3 days :1800 $48420 UAH1611
4 days :2300 $61870 UAH2059
7 days :3500 $94150 UAH3133
element 30.01.2018

what is mean?: Kissing: at will

Answer: as we explained countless times before, it means that the girl can abstain from deep french kissing if she doesn't feel like doing it for some reasons. 

TNA 29.01.2018

Looks and behaves like geisha at beginning but when in bad fast transforms in pleasure fountain .Nice ,curvy body of freiline from french buduar . Unfortunately hardly available (clear why)

Frank 06.01.2018

I'm very happy that this gorgeous baby called Maryanna is back now, because she's totally awesome! I met her way back before and actually I was in to see her mainly for the looks, but it turned out she can hold some good conversation (she speaks decent english which helps a lot). Sex with her is always a challenge because she likes it intense, so we always have a little competition on who gives up first. Seeing her walking away from this agency broke my heart a little and now I'm more than happy that my fave is back and I will definitely visit her again!

Maria 07.03.2017

I am a bisexual girl interested in spending a night with Maryanna and my boyfriend.What I really want to know is if she can do a quality work with me, I mean is she really into girls? I want to see the real pleasure in her eyes. Can she do it? Does she have lesbian experience?

Answer: she's into girls, she just doesn't like doing lesbi shows with agency girls, that's why she's not offering lesbi. But she really loves meeting couples and she can have great chemistry with women. You'll get and give a lot of pleasure with her. 

Tom 22.01.2017

Hi, just wanted to verify, she looks a little curvy at the lower part, is it just the photos?

Answer: she is a little curvy, her measures are right, but she often gains a weight a little and loses it. She's VERY YOUNG, and she has beautiful curves, they look just splendid in life. A real ukrainian girl!

Dave 14.01.2017

Hello! Would maryanna perform lesbi with my girlfriend?

Answer: Yes, she would :)


Are her boobs real?

Answer: Yes, real :)

Brad 06.01.2017

Is manyanne fee for (cim + swallow) for each time or total cost, for example during a multiple day booking.

Answer: for a two-three hour meeting you can pay once and use this service for one or two times, for a day booking you pay once for each three times service was offered to you. If you used CIM for three times during a one day booking, you're paying once, 4, 5, 6 times - twice, and so on. 


It is misleading to photoshop out any tattoos. It is important that clients know if girls have tattoos.

Answer: we're the only agency to show clients real pictures of girls, giving the possibility to see them with open faces to our clients. We care about girls' privacy, and if our model wants to photoshop the tattoos, we act accordingly to her wishes. Please respect their privacy too. If it's important for you to know about tattoos, you can always e-mail or call our manager and ask about them before ordering the girl. Thank you for understanding. 

Kyle 02.01.2017

What happened to her tattoos? Were they photoshopped out? Don't get it the wrong way, she is absolutely gorgeous but her previous pictures were nicer :-)

Answer: her tattoos are still on her body. Yes, they were hidden with photoshop, because the girl asked us to do this. These pictures are new and up to date. Our job is to make new pictures constantly, so our clients would know how the girls look now. Some like older pictures, some like these ones - the only thing that matters is that they are new ;) 

Josh 23.12.2016

Hello! Is maryanna open to be with two men (a gay homosexual couple) ? And would she be comfortable watching us have gay sex?

Answer: Yes, it's possible.

Jim 08.11.2016

Are her pictures new?

Answer: Yes, new and real.

M 14.10.2016

Is it possible to take erotic photos of her?

Answer: No.

Claude 22.09.2016

Lovely girl It's a pitty she does not like kissing...

Answer: she likes kissing, but not with everyone, she decides for herself and maybe she'd like to kiss with you. Only a personal meeting can tell. 

Paul 29.08.2016

Can she do frenck kiss deeply with toung ? Or I have to pay extra for that ?

Answer: she doesn't like french kisses, especially deep, but it depends A LOT on the sympathy and chemistry between you. But we kindly ask you not to hope for that when booking this girl. 

VR 15.08.2016

VERY young, looks like a schoolgirl, not even a student. Decent looking and a little shy. You can find her too timid if you like your women rough and passionate. This one behaves like she's an innocent flower, but it's quite easy to turn her on and make her moan and roar. It's an interesting game to play, she actually enjoys it too. If you're into young girls and into role games involving age gaps, you'll be perfectly fine with MAryanna. Bj is 4/5, sex is 4,5/5

Josh 29.07.2016

She doesn't perform rimming but am I allowed to do it on her?

Answer: Yes, you can do it on her.


Dan 18.07.2016

Hello, can she do a family taboo role play for an older guy in his 50s? and if yes does it come at extra cost?

Answer: Yes, she can.

Jeff 27.06.2016

Does she have tattoos on both arms? Are they permanent tattoos? It looks like se has them in some photos and no tattoos in other photos

Answer: Only on one arm, and yes, it's permanent.

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