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Marina can bring pleasure to you. Body of this lady is smooth (especially her pussy) and her breasts are wonderful. Her smile is open and kind. And she is a good person herself, with her interests in singing and sex.

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 22
Eyes blue
Hair light brown
Height 164
Weight 50
Breasts 93 (A)
Breasts Natural
Waist 62
Hip 93
Shoe size 35
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape
Zodiaс Virgo
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Gave birth no
Int Passport no
Bio Passport no
English No


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


CIM Yes +50$
Slave Yes +60$
1 hour :250 $6950 UAH213
2 hours :350 $9730 UAH298
3 hours :450 $12510 UAH383
4 hours :550 $15290 UAH468
6 hours :700 $19460 UAH595
10 hours :1000 $27800 UAH850
1 day :1200 $33360 UAH1020
2 days :1800 $50040 UAH1530
3 days :2400 $66720 UAH2040
4 days :3000 $83400 UAH2550
7 days :4000 $111200 UAH3401
JP 30.05.2016

In one of the pictures her hair looks longer. Is her hair still above shorter length or longer now?

Answer: She has very long hair now.

K. 16.05.2016

So many comments and none of them are about Marina really. Her pics were more than enough for me and she really looks good, she has killing tit's, the thing I appreciate the most in my girls! Her attitude towards client was likeable, I like that she doesn't hurry into things nor does she drag and spend time with constant talking. Steady quality and very nice services, including CIM (too bad she doesn't swallow, but it's just me wanting everything in one). I'd say she's worth the money.

stefan 18.04.2016

no need for professional photos, but please post as many selfies and amateur photos as u can

Tallinn 17.04.2016

I agree with GIA, amateur girl photos are much more informative then professional photos. I have been with many girls already from GIA and every time self-made or amateur photos are exactly like girls in reality looks. Professional "shiny" photos differ often far from reality. So in future please continue to include amateur photos also in photo galleries.

alex 16.04.2016

to the man who complained about photos.... marinas photos are great because they are her own photos, not taken by a professional photographer, which means her photos are not photo-shopped

You are right 16.04.2016

Photos are very important to me,and your photo shoots need major improvement.I will look at the girls photos,and not at all really know why there photos are not correct.Most are useless.Need all photos to look great.Thats is really why i travel to Sevastopol to go to a very private agency that i cannot talk about.There photos sent to me are perfect and great looking,including more about them and more things they do.

Answer: Our clients are people. All people have different desires and goals, especially when it comes to ladies. Some of our clients love to see only pro pics from photoshoots, some prefer real life selfies and misc pics from daily life. We try to give the fullest view of each one of our girls. We do not mess and retouche daily pics, so you can see how the lady looks without all the effects and filters and special lightning. If you need to see a beautiful picture, not real-life picture of what you get - you can always look for pro photos from photoshoots. We try to make them for each one of our ladies (except for those who don't like this idea). Of course, our site would look much better with only pro pictures on it, but still our goal is to satisfy every need of our clients. And one of these needs is to show them the real and unretouched beauty of our ladies. 

Jackal 29.03.2016

Whoa, you just revealed your inner working. I thank for it, but I have noticed that the prettiest young girls on your site typically disappear within a month, such as Emma or Karina as recent examples. Are you saying that they failed your test? You know, we, your international clients, don't get to travel to Kiev so often, and when they disappear before we even get a chance to examine them, it is seriously disappointing!

Answer: Emma and Karina are absolutely great and perfect girls, and we're going to work with them in few months. As for now, their contracts are over. It's spring, they are students and they need to dedicate some time to study and get a rest, so they have even more energy to give on the dates with clients. In one or two months they'll be here again, waiting for you. Too bad you don't get to travel to Kiev often, but you know we have a huge selection of prettiest girls, and each one of them will be happy to make your trip better ;)

Jackal 26.03.2016

Marina, Slava, Viola, all these girls are young and attractive, but their photos don't clearly show what they exactly look like due to their low quality. Can you upgrade their photos to the level of, say, Dasha's photos? Also, in English, you say new comments on someone, not about someone.

Answer: We try to always combine personal pics and studio pics, and when we have new girls, they always work with their own pictures. We always wait for clients' comments to decide if we want to work with the girl. 50% of all girls fail our test and we delete them from our site. If Marina, Slava and Viola pass our test, we'll sign a working contract with each one of them and each one will get her personal photoshoot. 

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