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Young, sexy and brilliant Karina is open to meet a new man who will give her some sexy adventures in the capital of Ukraine! This sexy young girl is willing to have some good time and get down with you! Enjoy her to the fullest!

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 21
Eyes green
Hair brown
Height 169
Weight 52
Breasts 87
Waist 62
Hip 85
Shoe size 38
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 3
Zodiaс Aquarius
Smoker Yes
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport no
Languages German (Basic)


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


Domination Yes +50$
Slave Yes +60$
1 hour :200 $5572 UAH169
2 hours :300 $8358 UAH253
3 hours :350 $9751 UAH295
4 hours :400 $11144 UAH338
6 hours :500 $13930 UAH422
10 hours :750 $20895 UAH633
1 day :900 $25074 UAH760
2 days :1300 $36218 UAH1097
3 days :1800 $50148 UAH1519
4 days :2300 $64078 UAH1941
7 days :3500 $97510 UAH2954
Tim 14.06.2017

According to US Center for Desease Control: "Following exposure to the virus, HIV enters the bloodstream and begins to take up residence in the cells; this is when HIV infection occurs. People with HIV are considered to be infectious (able to transmit HIV to others) immediately after infection with the virus. The test window period can be from 10 days to 3 months from exposure, depending on the person's body and on the HIV test that's used. During that time, you can test HIV-negative even though you're HIV-positive. You can still get HIV from someone who is in the window period. In fact, there is evidence that a person in the window period is more likely to pass the virus on." Some HIV infected individuals may test negative at first, however 95% of truly infected test positive after 4 weeks, and 99.9% - after 3 months. Therefore 5-6 weeks is too long, and protection is a must.

Answer: we would like our clients to remember that protection is always a must. Our girls are always clean and they use a lot of methods to sanitirize the sexual intercourse and oral. And of course, no intercourse without protection. 

HIV 11.06.2017

Hello everyone, I have a question how much does it for HIV results to be known, or how many months between every test the make thanks JASON

Answer: our girls generally do one test for STDs each 5 or 6 months, because it's unneeded to do the tests more often due to the long incubation period of viruses. 

Thomas 22.02.2017

I am interested in booking her for 2 days and I have few questions to you: 1. Does she understand English to the level that she will know what I want at the moment? 2. Is she fine with taking home version of HIV test before sex? 3. Can she consider CIM and swallow for an extra money? Thank you

Answer: 1. Her English skills are quite basic, she understands it, but not always. 2. She is fine with this, but you need to take the test kit with you. 3. She CAN consider it, but the possibility is VERY low, it depends on a lot of different factors and she can't guarantee it before meeting you in person. 

Tallinn 06.02.2017

I met Karina 2 weeks ago in Kiev. It was'nt first time for us to meet and as before, everything was fantastic. She is is very nice and beautiful young girl. She provides very good GFE and it was very nice to talk with so smart girl. Hopefully we meet very soon again :)

Jerry 10.10.2016

Does she do sex without condom?

Answer: she can only perform blowjob without condom. None of our girls practices sex without condom, it's against rules in our line of work. We care about your health and of course our girls' health. 

indian 21.06.2016

can you post photos of her breasts? like u do with other girls

Answer: She doesn't want to post her naked breasts. Her breasts are firm and they look good, no white mark or something. She's very young. 

X 01.05.2016

Hello, I have been your customer for over 1 year and I have called you more than 15 times for your beautiful girls. I have tried different escort companies in Kiev and Gia Escorts are the best!! I love you have REAL photos )) I am happy Karina is back!! I would will visit Kiev soon and I want to see Karina again !)) But I have question. I do not see medical testing for HIV and Hepatitis for Karina? Can you please test Karina for HIV and Hepatitis B and C? Then I will like to schedule visit with Karina again ;-) Thank you.

Answer: Thanks for all the nice words. We're happy to have such loyal clients and happy to make them satisfied. Karina has passed express-test for Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and HIV and the results are good. Now we are waiting for the lab results to put them on the site. You can invite her :) She's healthy. 


Hello, you did not answer my question about Karina and another girl. Is she interested to experience bisexuality?

Answer: Karina is not bisexual by nature.


From the review by Daddy, it seems that Karina allows hard domination. Is it true? Will she take a butt plug? Also, does she like girls or at least is she willing to be part of a threesome?

Answer: No. Karina does not allow hard domination, and she won't take a butt plug. She's offering the services mentioned on the site, lesbi show and threesomes are not provided by this girl.

HK 10.08.2015

I was with Karina on this Saturday. She is real angel, so beautiful smile and very very nice girl. She was nicely stressed. I speak Russian so we had very interesting conversation too - I see, she is not only beautiful but really intelligent girl. It was my best GFE experience in Kiev and it is very easy to fall in love with this very young girl. Karina, thank You very much for this wonderful meeting! Some words about GIA. I have been already 7-8 times with GIA girls and must also say, that I start liking it more and more. I visit Ukraine many years frequently already and used so far to be meet girls in other places like bars, clubs, other agencies, mamba web etc. Sometimes you are lucky on these other places but most times not and just waste of money and time. So although GIA seems first more expensive, you got always what you see and all meetings are exceptional and very satisfying. Hopefully this high standards last in future, keep up good work!

Vero P 28.06.2015

The next gentleman to see Karina please ask her to bring me back my heart. Thank you Gia for finding this treasure and tank you very much for making her available to me tonight! Karina just left my apartment and my heart went out the door with her... this is a delicate, beautiful girl from any angle you look at her (yes, I saw her from everywhere and looks better and better!). This is a true GFE -girlfriend experience- as she is sweeeet and her kisses are great, her breasts are firm and sensitve, and going down further she tastes like jam. Just be gentle with her, she has not been 'stretched' and one can feel how tight her vagina is. I took my time, got her really wet and it was a sea of pleasure. This is a girl that if you find her in a bar you would like to ogle at her, she is so beautiful, but you probably wouldn't afraid to offend her. She is truly the girl next-door, family girl, super nice, delicate. Yes, I am losing my mind over Karina but... who wouldn't? I will repeat and repeat and repeat. Thank you Karina for such a WONDERFUL time! I miss you already!

Claudio 15.06.2015

Hello I stay with Karina in january for some hours. Next time I would like to spend a day. Can you tell me if she improve her english, to have some conversation?

Answer: Karina still has poor English level, but she will compensate this with her passion. She'll try her best for you to stay satisfied with your day spent together.

Daddy 11.06.2015

Karina started our date 30 min before time and etter my apartment with a shy smile. I had special plans for this girl and after some champaingne and strawberries, i had a good strip tease dancing when she tease me with her nice small ass. It was time for real business. I put on hand cuffs and tied her up in a barrel what i bought in constructor shop and after some light spanking i blindfolded her with a scarf and start wife her more hard. She was henging in the ceiling and i listen her light morning when i put on The nipple clamps with chain. I could listen her small pain when i pull The chain gentle, but she never complained. Her skin is soft and tender and from my whiping, start be small red marks on her ass. I spanked her body all arround, it was very easy when she was hanging from the ceiling. She is so beautiful hanging there with her ass out on my command and her Beautiful long hair half down her ass. After som domination/slave and role play young baby and master/daddy, it was time for release and lead her to bed. And i had my greatest surprise that day when i found her small pussy soaking wet. I gave her a good job with my mouth and it's hard to belive she play orgasm in the end. Her blow job was good and after normal sex we wanted rest, some frist and champagne and for her a sigarette on The balcony. I can say i Even enjoyed her smoking and looking her from behind outside only wrapped in a towel and her long beautiful hair what covered my body during action in bed with this Treasure. Then after some more slave-action in my self fixed barrel it was already 3 hours (time run fast in good company). The best thing with this girl, she never asked for money up front, money was never an issue at all, even when i gave her the correct amount, she did not count money, just put it in her purse and left with a nice smile og her lips and a little red ass!

Bill 06.06.2015

Sorry for de convenience. Im in Kiev now and want to see Karina. Do You have photos of her breasts?

Answer: sorry, we don't have any. She's got humble breasts, but of really good shape, no stretch marks.

Ken 02.06.2015

Does she accept domination as been spanked, tied up with ropes, nipple clamps, finger in butthole?

Answer: yes, she accepts.

Oscar 25.04.2015

Karina helped me be happy when I was very horny, she is very pretty and normal girl, a student that needs money, jobs are difficult to find now. Sex was great and she has very good mood. I read what Gia says about meeting regular girls in restaurant or the street, and Gia is right! That is the story of my trips to Kiev: girls are beautiful but not stupid! I met several girls in cafes, even the street, because I did not want to call an 'agency' for an escort. I knew now every very expensive restaurant in Kiev, even shopping malls where I bought things for my 'girlfriends' but many times, that is all I 'got' from them! They made me spend money on them and then.... good bye! Ukrainian girls are sexy and beautiful like no other, but also very smart! I paid a lot more money for sex with 'normal' girls than when I called Gia! Do yourself a favor and learn from my bad experiences: normal, 'civilian' girls we meet know we are visitors and they heard every promise before... For sex, good and safe with beautiful girls, better call Gia. I paid a lot of money and wasted a lot of time to learn this. I hope this helps you. I met many other expats, visitors who did the same as me, were chasing girls in Aroma, Volkonsky, DeLuxe, Arena, you name it... eventually they all asked me for the name of Gia and called to get girls, saving money and aggravation. I met a few girls from the agency now and for me Karina is the best. She is also 'normal' girl, she just needs the money so she does a little 'extra' working a few hours a week with Gia, is more honest and simple than trying to pick up a girl in the street or club. I've don it. I saw others doing the same, we all end up calling Gia. Maybe this helps you.

Dan 18.04.2015

Photos are real, what you see is what you get and she gave me the best oral ever. Young, when I saw her I asked for her age twice, wanted to make sure she is at least 18, she looks younger and I don't want to get in trouble. New to the job and probably won't be on this much longer, she is a good girl from good family. She loves giving pleasure so we are a match made in heaven! Thank you for fantastic time, I hope to see you again and again. Thank you also to Gia, very professional and polite, unusual in this business.

Claudio 28.01.2015

I had a nice time with Karina on january. She is soft, a little shy, and, I have to say, make a wonderful oral.

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