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Dreaming of a naughty girl without any borders in sex? Well that's definitely Angelina. This hottie is a beautiful lady and she dresses so sexy, she will blow your mind and she will give you perfect sex you won't forget! Her arsenal of uniforms is just stunning and it will work perfectly for your date. Vibrator, buttplug, and a strapon... all perfect for you! And you can make your own video with this sexy girl!

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This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 29
Eyes blue
Hair black
Height 163
Weight 56
Breasts 94 (E)
Breasts Natural
Waist 65
Hip 94
Shoe size 36
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 27
Zodiaс Aquarius
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Flowers Any
Alcohol Champagne Brut
Gave birth yes
Int Passport no
Bio Passport no
English No


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


CIM Yes +50$
Domination Yes +50$
G-rain give Yes +50$
G-rain rec. Yes +100$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Video shooting Yes +500$
1 hour :250 $6725 UAH224
2 hours :350 $9415 UAH313
3 hours :450 $12105 UAH403
4 hours :550 $14795 UAH492
Bob 08.01.2018

My after-christmas experience with Angelina just ended, and let's just say it wasn't angelic at all... But it was hella good! This girl can bring fire to your bed that's for sure. While I waited for her at my place, I was nervous and anxious waiting for this Lady Boobs to arrive and she delivered... God, she was so hot... From the first moment I laid my eyes on that Angel of a lady I just couldn't believe that she came with the sole goal - to fuck me and to make me cum... And that she did guys that she did, and how well she did it! She's crazy passionate, I just thought she'll break the bed eventually or my heart will stop beating because of the hotness overload. She's just as her appearance is - hot, beautiful and lustful. I doubt someone could resist her and see no reasons to.

Ruben 16.12.2017

Angelina, I would like to get together with you this coming Spring. I would love to travel to your country for a meeting and a nice dinner. I'm really interested in just meeting and getting to know each other. How well is your English? The profile say's you have given birth, is this correct? If so how many times.

Answer: Angelina has a good english level, she can make a conversation. She gave birth once. 

T.J. 06.11.2017

Angelina from GIA is an absolute must see! Booked three hours with her and it was passionate bliss from start to finish. She deserves the Pro star she has on the site and she is truly fenomenal in everything she offers! When I walked in her apartment and saw her... I was wowed. But then she did something that truly wowed me even more. She walked straight up to me and we had bearly said hello before she started kissing me. Put me right at ease straight away. Got the formalities out of the way and we were into it. Angelina's skin was so soft, but her body so firm. She was a delight to touch, massage and kiss. Very responsive to my every move. Going down on Angelina was fantastic. Her pussy felt and tasted so good and she loved being pleasured. Angelina was equally good giving out the pleasure as well. I think it's safe to say we both enjoyed our oral session. After we teased each other Angelina jumped on top of me and rode me like no-one else has until we both came. After a 10 minute break we were back at it again. This time I went on top and drove it into her. Then I took her from behind. If I had to pick a highlight physical feature on Angelina it would definitely be her booty (yes, yes even though her breasts are something otherworldly). 10 out of 10. Taking her from behind and looking down on this tight, perfectly rounded pair of arse cheeks staring up at me as I grabbed onto them and thrusted her from behind is one of the best things I have ever seen. We went at it for the rest of the time, so definitely great value for money. Angelina is an absolute knockout. She is a stunner withna great body and the best booty and breasts you could hope to find. I also felt a strong connection with her and I defintely plan to see her again.

Wayne b 12.04.2017

Is she wearing a wig since the length of her hair is much different?

Answer: now her hair has medium length. 

Herman 02.04.2017

Can I use her buttplug on her?

Answer: No.


Hi, Is she moody is sweet, can I have with her a real GFE experience for 4 days in Kiev? And if possible to upload a clear picture of her toes

Answer: She is very sweet and she can offer you very real GFE experience, she's a great choice for GFE. 4 days meeting is possible. 

Hugh 22.02.2017

Angelina I would love to suck your breasts... Those are out of the world... It's mentioned above that those are implants will you still get pleasured if I do that??? What other games do you enjoy in bed? Anything particular???

Answer: she really loves when men kiss her all over and suck her breasts, they are the most arousing part of her body though those are implants!! She really gets a lot of pleasure when men pay attention to her titties, so you will go along together just fine. Also she loves when men pleasure her orally. 

amir 14.02.2017

re you getting the extra cost video?

Answer: video not possible.

Diaz 14.02.2017

Mama Cita what a beauty!!!! Are her breasts natural? What uniform she has? Can I have her for secretary, playboy bunny, nurse role play???

Answer: she has breasts implants. Uniforms of geisha, playboy bunny, bat and stuff. She loves role playing games in bed! 

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