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Travelling worldwide can't be fun if you don't have someone to travel with. That's the truth; if you are having a business trip to some beautiful country or want to have a vacation by the seaside, you should find yourself a cute worldwide travel companion. Travelling won't be interesting and passionate, if you don't have the object of your passion. We offer you a possibility to choose one. GIA travel escort companion girls will be happy to become the ones you dream about - and Kiev escort agency GIA will provide you a chance to make this dream come true.


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There are some types of travel you can catch our International escort companions for. Wanna learn them? Let's go!

1. Business trip with beautiful and classy travel companion. You can live the life of the businessman all day long and turn into passionate and sexual animal at night. One additional fact: your partners will respect you more if you show up with the beautiful model. But don't forget to choose attentively: the model you're looking for should speak English fluently. Our world-wide service can gladly represent smartest International travel escorts to you. You will be satisfied with the result. Combine working and getting pleased together, and you'll see - this trip will be the luckiest one and the most productive.

2. Crazy party travel. You can take as many friends as you want and as many Russian girls travel companions as you need! To have an adult vacation you need to choose the country and take the models from GIA site. As for the rest - you will choose for yourself how you want to spend it. Be sure, travel companions will support you in any entertainments you want to have as long as they are safe. If gentleman and his friends are good for the models, models are good and loyal for them. Russian girls from Ukraine are able to turn any vacation into an endless party you'll never forget about.

3. Swing vacation. Have a girlfriend who's loyal to go on a trip like that? Consider yourself lucky and become our agency's client - we will help you with choosing that extra special lady you can make a perfect threesome with. All females for travel are open-minded and will gladly share the bed with you and your girlfriend or even wife. But if our client doesn't have someone to take on vacation like that, he can always try to take two models and imagine whatever he wants.

4. Just a sex vacation. Adult Sex Vacations are popular now, but often people go into sex-tourism. We won't offer you travelling and searching for S-E-X, we offer you a travel FOR sex with some pretty model by your side. You know who is going for a travel with you, so no risks to take someone unwanted or not find someone you like at all. It's guaranteed possibility of having some rest and having some crazy intime, two in one.

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Chose the type of vacation you like the most? Alright then, it's time to go get your travel escort companion! When you finish with looking for that special one (or two? Or three?) you like the most, contact us.

We try to be the most loyal agency for sex vacations. Our clients know that the easiest way to have an adult travel is by contacting us. You won't have a single problem with our Ukrainian females - they are extremely beautiful and surprisingly talented in everything connected to sex. Our managers will tell you everything about the ways to get a trip of your dream, but if you're eager to know the conditions, here are some of them.

First, you need to confirm the hotel and flight booking. When you chose the lady, we give you all of her contacts to make the booking, then you send the copies to us. That's how we know you're really going. Nota Bene: Our clients are only choosing the countries with easy visa granting. That's for your good, not for ours.

Second, you have to send us the copy of your passport and support it with recent photo. If you're our long-termed client, skip this one.

Third, you need to get the price (if you want to lower it, try to talk to our manager - sometimes discounts happen) and make a prepayment - from 30 to 60 percent of the whole Russian model's price.

All the other details are the ones you have to talk about with manager - and they're not so important as those mentioned higher. We want to make YOUR vacation comfortable and enjoyable.

And be sure: we CAN do it. Just call us - afford yourself to have the best Trip. Ever! 

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