Read about the best restaurants and bars to visit in Kiev

  No vacation can seem full without great dinners and lunch in best sites of the city you're staying in. If you're in Kiev at the first time, you'll spend some time trying to understand where to go. Restaurants and bars to visit are almost everywhere, and it's not very easy to find the one you're going to spend your evening in. We hope that with our little guidance it'll be much easier to you to find the site in which you may have some rest and eat anything tasty.

  If you prefer pubs, you should take in one of the first sites like that in Ukraine - Docker Pub. Still it's the place in which the beer is cheep and rock-music is loud, so you will surely enjoy your stay there. Attempt to plan your visit on Friday evening - they have concerts there on Fridays, so you may also watch the rock show live.

  You may enjoy the tastiest meals of Italian and Japanese cuisine in Dante Zima - modern and stylish site in which everything is made with great taste, starting with design of restaurant and ending with the meals. You may also taste some true Italian pizza in Il Molino, enjoy steampunk interior in Under Wonder and have some perfect pasta in El Baroni. Each one of this sites serve Italian eating and they do it perfectly. You can take in each one of them and you will have your pleasant memories about perfect eating and beautiful design all around you. It is more merrily and pleasantly to visit Restaurants and bars with escort Ukraine.

  Of course, there are a lot of fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, some of them work 24/7 to make you the tastiest burgers of all, but if you want anything bad to  your body shape, you better attempt Ukrainian cuisine. It's very dangerous (everything is fat and tasty), but still you need to know if you like it or not. And believe us, you WILL like it the best way possible and attempt to eat something every time you're in Ukraine.

  Of course, you can visit Puzata Khata, where food in Kiev becomes fast food, but in order to taste something really good, stay away from this place. For example, try some vareniki in Panska Vtikha - the place where they make vareniki the best way. Some delicious meals are going to be served to you in Tsarske Selo. Tsarske Selo means King's Village, and the food there is really royal, you should try it for yourself.

  And leave some time for sweets - Lviv Chocolate Factory has a shop in Kiev, where you can buy exotic chocolate sweets and cookies. Something you never tried before - and it will amaze you!

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