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  If you want to visit UA to try our services, meaning GiA.la females, you should know something more about this country, and especially about capital. I can share with you some of the interesting facts about sights that you can see here, when you will have some free times during the day time, or on the weekend, spending your time with one of GiA.la girls, and maybe even me.

  Many people know that Kiew exist for more than 1 and a half thousand years. Well, during that time such a place was able to receive a number of myths, legends and also interesting sites. You should try to reveal some of those places, which are not always found on the map of city. I usually help my clients to do that as well.

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  But here I want to mention some of the most amazing ones. First of all, it concerns the Monument to the nose. For sure, this is a unique one of it's type. It is at St. Andrew downhill just in front of the St. Andrew Church. Try to guess whose nose was the original prototype? It is an obvious fact that it belongs to Nikolai Gogol, if to believe it's creators.

  Besides, the oldest linden tree in this city can bring happiness to everyone who touches it. And it is located on the territory of the famous and widely known Pechersk Lavra. You should travel to our city not only to spend your time with models from GIA agency , but also to see this tree, which is only ten meters from the entrance to all lower caves. Ukraine girls can be the best partners for you here.

  If to believe a legend, such a linden was planted by Abbot Theodosius, the founder of this monastery, and it was the burial place for his mother. There is another legend that this tree was planted for one local monk, who was buried there. Many experts actually say that such a linden is around 700-800 years and it's height is about eighteen meters. Finally, there is one monument with a surprise. And it is the so called Panikovskiy monument!

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