Where you can spend an evening in Lviv? We will tell you...

  If you have a free evening in Lviv, don't spend it in your hotel suit - try to get out and join the night life of the ancient Ukrainian city. Believe us, it's not so archaic as it might possibly look like! Besides, better to know Lvyv with real Ukraine escort.

  At first, you should get a bite somewhere. The best way is to visit an good-looking café that might be interesting not to your stomach only, but for your mind also. The most memorable restaurant in Lviv is the “Masoch”, styled in the best BDSM classical traditions. But no sex involved - only the historical attributes. By the way, food in Masoch is extremely tasty and very cheap. You might get a full dinner there, drink some beer or have a tasty dessert.

  If you want to see the real partisans Or maybe not so real, but quite real-looking, you should get to Kryivka - famous café styled in a real good-looking manner. It is “a secret place” where you get some food and impressions.

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  Other cafes are quite interesting too, but there is many fashionable sites also, where you might just sit with your friends and enjoy the design or cuisine. Don't be afraid to ask hostesses about what do they serve in café or restaurant - if you look for sushi, ask about Japanese food. But we recommend you to try the national cuisine and coffee. There are numerous coffee-places in Lviw - they make this drink taste fantastic! Girl Friend Experience offer Rigina in Lvov - she can be your guide there!

  After the great dinner it's time to party! You will surely enjoy Lviv at night - but don't get the highest hopes, cause it's not where the hottest party are held. The main nightclub in the city is Millenium. Three or five years ago it was one of the most interesting and coolest clubs in Ukraine, but now the quality of this site got a little lower. You can play pool, taste some Mexican cuisine or dance to the trance - Millenium holds the trance parties most of the time, and it's the main music style for this nightclub. The club starts active life on Thursday night, and the greatest parties occur on Friday mainly. The prices of drinks are average, and there are a lot of girls in the club looking to have some fun. You'll certainly like Millenium, if you're waitings are not too high.

  If you enjoy the live music, especially jazz and blues, you can always visit the great site called Robert Dom's Beer House. The other reason to come is variety of different beer sorts. You will like this place if you like sophisticated and cultural cafes and pubs. Lwiv is the special city with interesting night life, but from Monday to Friday it can be a little boring.

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