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Hi there! I work as a Kyiv slut and I think that I am quite professional.

To make my skills even better I usually read different blogs about sex. Sometimes I am being so inspired that start writing the articles by myself.

In case you are dating single Ukrainian man I would love to share with you some tips about men and the things they hate in bed. So, ladies in case if you don't wanna leave a bad impression for a guy, pay attention to these tips.

When you appear between sheets the worse thing you can do is to lie down and expect that your man will do all the rest. It is the worse thing you can do. Don't be surprised when you boyfriend starts using the services of professionals like me. Courtesan Kyiv ladies know for sure that man adore when women moan, scream, move even when the guy is on the top.

All of Kyiv sluts like to be kissed. And the more kisses we get the better. Well, why then you don't kiss men so often. Guys love when their girlfriends kiss all their bodies, tease them, drive them crazy.

Remember that you live in twenty first century and don't think that man should control everything in bed. This is quite boring for them. As a professional sex girl I know that sometimes the strongest men love to be controlled. Try at least once and you will be surprised with the reaction of your guy.

Try to be gentle and sensitive. Escort Kiev girls like to have strong and at the same time sensitive man next to them so try to be the same person for your man. Egoism may be punished. Remember it.

When you are in bed never forget to ask what of your actions and moves he likes. It will make your partner happy and satisfied.

Some women prefer to hide their emotions. And because of that men can not always understand whether the girl is satisfied or not. Make some noise, show him how much you like sex with him. Your man will understand what you actually like under the sheets and you will be rewarded. Dating with me in Ukraine! 

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