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I work as a courtesan girl for about two years and my friends often ask me, how I manage to look so attractive and irresistible. Well, of course I take care of myself - attend fitness-centers, cosmetologist and so on. But I have a secret weapon as well. I provide best Escort Service in Kiev.

I like reading blogs about sex and sex service and once I have found very important information about pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical compounds that may be found in all animals and humans. Our pheromones are actually hormones and we use them to communicate with each other on a subconscious level. We sense the smell and understand this smell as a message of sexual attraction. Sexy Kyiv ladies need to be very attractive so I could not miss the chance to use these precious chemical components.

Nowadays we have an opportunity to buy products with pheromones - perfumes, candles, oils and so on. All products contain one or all of these pheromones:

Androstenone gives a man dominant male smell. It attracts women and allows having better and stronger orgasm.

Androstenol is a friendly pheromone. If you smell with androstenol people will believe that you are a very friendly, nice female.

Androsterone - something in the middle between first two.

Copulins - is pheromones for Kyiv women. They are produced by women during their ovulation time. These pheromones help to attract men.

Adult escort service in Kiev advises females to apply pheromones at the same places where you usually use your perfume or body spray.

So, girls, it does not matter how you look like. Now you will have a chance to fell like you are the most attractive female in this world. Try to apply pheromone products and you will have more fascinating dates and of course sex. Don't be shy. Many escort Kiev girls use this weapon to get the men they want. These small chemical friends can help you increase your attractiveness, bring you success and improve your mood.

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