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Unforgettably hot date with Martina! This lady is very experienced, and she offers a sweet and sensational date for those who love exquisite brunettes with hottest model body.

Martina doesn't drink alcohol at all, because she drives a car! 

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 30
Eyes brown
Hair black
Height 180
Weight 57
Breasts 108 (F)
Waist 65
Hip 94
Shoe size 40
Dress size 38
Pussy Shape 25
Zodiaс Leo
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Flowers Roses
Alcohol White Wine, Whiskey, Champagne
Gave birth no
Int Passport no
Bio Passport no
English Perfect


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


CIM Yes +50$
CIM&Swallow Yes +80$
Anal Yes +130$
Couples Yes +50%
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Double penetration Yes +200$
1 hour :300 $8154 UAH274
2 hours :400 $10872 UAH365
3 hours :500 $13590 UAH456
4 hours :600 $16308 UAH547
6 hours :800 $21744 UAH730
10 hours :1000 $27180 UAH912
1 day :1200 $32616 UAH1094
2 days :1800 $48924 UAH1642
3 days :2400 $65232 UAH2189
4 days :3000 $81540 UAH2736
5 days :3500 $95130 UAH3192
6 days :3900 $106002 UAH3557
7 days :4300 $116874 UAH3922
Gabi 21.11.2018

Recently I wanted to relax with a girl and decided to go to an agency where there are many attractive girls. It was difficult to choose among so many cute and hot babes. As a result, Martina was my choice. I’m completely satisfied with all her services and especially pleased that her photos were real.

kbc 09.10.2018

Does Martina speak English?


Dan 16.08.2018

I'll be in Kiev next week and would like to meet Martina for a couple of hours Tuesday night. Can you please ask her if it would be possible to add anal service as a one time thing? if this is a matter of money, let me know how much.

Answer: Yes, you can order Martina next week for the evening if you will call to operators in the first half of the day. That’s the time when we have accurate information about girl. Martina is ready for anal services.

Dan 16.08.2018

Thanks. That is perfect. I'll call in the morning to secure a meeting with Martina.

Dan 02.08.2018

Hi, I was about to invite Martina for a session. Why did ANAL was removed from her services? It was there for a long time. Is this temporary or will she add this service soon again?

Answer: For now Martina decided to remove this service,if she changes her mind-anal will be available 

Len 20.05.2017

Is Martina ok with me giving her rimming and then kissing with tongue?

Answer: Yes, ready.

Alex 02.04.2017

Is Martina very active knows how to spoil and work on man or is she passive and waiting for man to spoil her?

Answer: she can be whatever you like her to be, she's a professional. But naturally she's active and she loves to participate and be active in sex. She loves bringing pleasure and receiving it. 

Ken 22.03.2017

Is it possible to have double penetration with Martina using her vibrator? I assume if I pay for that I don't meet to pay additional fee for anal.

Answer: no, you don't have to pay for anal - only for the double penetration. And yes, it's possible! 

M 03.02.2017

Wow Martina sort of looks like Angelina Jolie!!!!! Would like to have her for Girlfriend Experience. I have some vaginal beads. Can I use them on her?Can she perform lap dance? Will she indulge in food play?

Answer: yes, Martina is good with everything you mentioned! She's phenomenal in girlfriend experience, perfect for such dates. She can use your vaginal beads without hesitation! And of course, what GFE will decline performing a lap dance for her date? ;) She's ready for you! 

Jack Skellington 03.02.2017

look what i have found!a seashell in the sea of shells! She's fantastic. Take care of her, Gia

Reppohe 02.02.2017

Could Martina attend a team-building? 12 men. What is the price?

Answer: Sorry, not possible.

Buse 16.01.2017

Hello admin, rimming means giving rimming correct?

Answer: yes, it means giving rimming. You can also give rimming to any girl from our agency, it's free :) 

john 23.12.2016

I cum to kiev on 27/4/2017 i wont martina cum to me for 7days.

Answer: We don't know if Martina will still be working with us in april, please, contact us in a week before your arrival. 

Dan 02.12.2016

Is it possible to take a shower with Martina when inviting Martina?

Answer: Yes, possible.


She did new implants? Bigger size?

Answer: Yes.

Tom 03.10.2016

Are her tit's natural?

Answer: No, implants.


Dear manager,I'll be visiting Kiev in October and I'm interested in spending 4 days with Martina, I guess this means that she has to bring her clothes for the full period? Should I book the hotel as a double room? Can you advise what is the best hotel or the one she prefers the most,can she take me in sightseeing during the day and restaurants at night? is she the type of Gfe? Is friendly and smile all the time? And at last is the rate negotiable? Awaiting your reply. Thanks

Answer: you made the right choice. Martina has flawless english skills and she can provide you just the right type of GFE with all things included. Of course, she can take you sightseeing, to places you would like to visit. She can show you the city and be a perfect (and beautiful!) guide. She is very friendly, not moody at all, she will give you a lot of positive emotions and make your trip a living dream. This can really happen. You can choose any hotel you like, but we advise you to stay close to the city center, especially if you want to take long walks etc. You can book a room for yourself and register Martina as your guest. You have to talk about rate with our manager on the phone, directly while booking. This will be your dream vacation for sure, Martina will make it special ;)

Warwick 14.09.2016

If I invite her abroad is she willing to change the color of her hair to blond/red?

Answer: no, Martina will not change her hair color under no circumstances. It's her personal choice, she is free to look the way she wants to, and she looks really good. She has a huge amounts of invitations to travel abroad as is, so she doesn't need to change hair color in order to find new clients. She is a perfect choice for travelling, she has terrific English skills, but she will not change her hair. If you like this girl, you need to take her the way she is now, or find a suitable blonde or redhaired girl among our ladies. 

B 11.09.2016

Would she do double penetration with two guys? (Anal and vagina at same time)

Answer: Yes.

Dan 01.09.2016

What toys does Martina have?

Answer: at the current time only vibrator, but she plans on buying a lot of new toys for your entertainment. She can put on quite a show with a vibrator though!



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Tim 29.09.2015

Does she travel?

Answer: Yes.

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